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InfoBeam Part I, Rocket Lab and KSAT smallsat expertise • Globalstar 15K SPOT device • Maxar with the Australian Space Agency • NSSLGlobal’s VSAT to Support Sea-Eye • SOAR’s real-time imagery now available • Nanoracks and Maritime Launch Services to re-purpose rockets
Information & News by the Editors 
InfoBeam Part II, Aireon and COCESNA signed agreement • QuadSAT to collaborate with ESA • Globalstar Seeing 15,000 SPOTs • A new product line from Advantech Wireless • ThinKom successfully demos Ka-band antenna •
​Information & News by the Editors
Perspective: Satellite Innovation 2019, by Wendy Lewis, Principal, Strategic Voice
Satellite Innovation Symposium has become the most important West Coast event for satellite professionals who follow the evolving technologies and market opportunities related to satellites and space.
Focus: Vulcan Centaur—Built for the commercial satellite market, By Mark Peller, Vice President, Major Developments, United Launch Alliance
Building on a history of launch success and introducing advanced new technologies, United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) Vulcan Centaur rocket is transforming the future of space launch including the commercial satellite market.
The Forrester Report: Can LEOs deliver a trillion dollar business? , By Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist
Up until September most analysts expected the upcoming launches of the first ‘next-generation’ LEO mega-constellations of LEO craft to help create a new multi-trillion-dollar segment of the space industry.
Conversations: A conversation with Eng. Wael M. Al-Buti, Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Arabsat

During the recent IBC2019 event in Amsterdam, SatMagazine had the opportunity to engage in conversations with some of the leading companies and their executive leadership... these “chats” are presented in company alphabetical order.
A Conversation with Krystal Dredge, Director of Marketing, AvL Technologies
Krystal Dredge is Director of Marketing for AvL Technologies, a leading antenna and positioner manufacturer that is celebrating a silver anniversary — the 25th year of a successful company is a major milestone for anyone in the industry.
A Conversation with Drew Klein, Vice President, C-COM Satellite Systems
Drew Klein oversees the sales and marketing departments at C-COM and is responsible for the promotion of the iNetVu mobile antenna.
A Conversation with Andrew Bond, Sales and Marketing Director, ETL Systems
Andrew’s focus at ETL Systems is to be aware of the up-and-coming changes in the satellite market, so that ETL can respond with new designs in RF Distribution. 
A Conversation with Bill O’Hara, General Manager, Media, Intelsat
Mr. O’Hara’s responsibilities with Intelsat include product development, product strategy, marketing, global sales, and market development for the media sector.
A Conversation with Steve Richeson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mission Microwave
Mr. Steve Richeson joined Mission Microwave in 2017 and is responsible for the company’s sales and marketing organization.
A Conversation with Ahsun Murad, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Optimal Satcom
Ahsun Murad co-founded Optimal Satcom 17 years ago with a business partner, Rebecca Fahrmeier
A Conversation with Andrey Kirillovich, Director of Integration and Products, Russian Satellite Communications Company
Andrey Kirillovich, Director of Integration and Products was available to share RSCC’s latest information.
A Conversation with David Andres, Business Development Manager, Santander Teleport
As the Business Development Manager for Santander Teleport, David Andres locates new clients, partners, and opportunities for the company.
A Conversation with Peter Waskowic, Director of Satellite Communication Products, SED Systems
SED Systems has been in business for more than 50 years — the company’s technology extends from their SATCOM products to system engineering solutions to complex problems and Q/V-band antenna and RF systems.
A Conversation with David and Boris Gellerman, President and CEO, SpaceBridge
According to the Gellermans, SpaceBridge is one of the leading premiere brands of VSAT platforms, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint platforms in the industry. 
A Conversation with Eran Shapiro, Director, Technology Business Ventures, Spacecom
Eran Shapiro is directly responsible for business development (BD) technology ventures at Spacecom. 
A Conversation with Richard Jacklin, Director of Sales, ViaLite Communications
Richard Jacklin is the Director of Sales of ViaLite Communication which is one division of the Pulse Power & Measurement Ltd. (PPM) group.
A Conversation with David Walton, Vice President, and Ray Powers, Director of Sales and Marketing, Walton Enterprises Inc.
Does it sound like a dichotomy? A company that is based in San Bernardino, Southern California, USA, where the temperatures are usually balmy specializes in dealing worldwide with extremes, ice and snow de-icing antennas from 3.7 to 32 meters utilizing gas and electric heating units. 
Making the Longest, Long Distance Call, Made possible by something called the Deep Space Network
In 1977, NASA launched a robot spacecraft called Voyager 1 into space. The spacecraft’s mission was to fly by Jupiter and Saturn to deliver the first close-up views of these gas giants. 
Spotlight: Rohde & Schwarz, New satellite uplink amplifier is launched
Signal linearization has been a feature found in several tube-based amplifiers but, until now, it has not been possible to integrate that technology within solid-state amplifiers.
A Fusing of Expertise: A chat with Kevin Steen and Thomas Van den Driessche,, Kevin Steen is President and Chief Executive Officer, ST Engineering iDirect and Thomas Van den Driessche, President of the Executive Strategic Board and Chief Commercial Officer, ST Engineering iDirect
As a unified force, we are in the perfect position moving forward to expand the market so the entire ecosystem can innovate. — Kevin Steen
Ready For Round Two? Smallsat IoT players entering the constellation phase, By Drs H. J. Urlings, SATCOM Consultant, M2sat
The satellite and IoT world is watching closely as a group of new space startups are trying to innovate the industry by developing a new type of global IoT networks.
COTS Processing Evolution...One perspective, By Scott Anderson, President and Co-Founder, SEAKR Engineering, Inc.
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is key to achieving the full promise of evolving new constellations. This requires unique, on board processing that has never previously been flown
What is Spoofing? How to ensure GPS security, By Maria Simsky and Jan Grauwen, Septentrio
As technological advances make GPS/GNSS* devices more affordable, our lives are becoming increasingly dependent on precise positioning and timing.
Speedcast Presents...Six traits energy operators should look for in service providers, By Keith Johnson, Executive Vice President of Energy, Speedcast
Reliability is a necessary investment— ensure that the correct communications provider has been selected to manage and service your communications needs.
Driving Smallsat Innovation Forward: The use of 3D printing and Windform® composites, By Matteo Levoni Bemposti, CRP Technology
The space industry has been revolutionized by the ever-increasing production and launch of smallsats.
Efficiency is the Answer. What was the question?, By David Burr, Vice President, Business Development, Comtech EF Data
How can we cost effectively keep up with the insatiable consumer appetite for higher data rates?
The Next Giant Leaps Into Space. Experts share industry advancements at IAC 2019, By Paul Sims, Contributing Editor, and Principal, Sims Communications
“Instead of a huge milestone event once every few decades, we’re now seeing incremental breakthroughs every week in fields like Earth observation, weather analysis, and national security.”— Peter Beck, Rocket Lab CEO
Focus: IEC Telecom’s OneGate—VSAT endpoint protection..., By Alf Stian Mauritz, Group Vice President and Managing Director of Business Development, IEC Telecom
Future proofing vessel systems to enable them to adapt to emerging threats and evolve to meet new requirements is essential. OneGate has been built with this facility already in place.
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