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InfoBeam Part I, Latest News Items, by the editors
News and Notes of Interest to the Satellite Community
InfoBeam Part II, Latest News Items, by the editors
News and Notes of Interest to the Satellite Community
InfoBeam Part III, Latest News Items, by the editors
News and Notes of Interest to the Satellite Community
Timely Installation Is The Key To Drilling Rig Support, by Gary Bray, Vice President, Oil & Gas, Signalhorn
For more than 10 years, Signalhorn has been providing satellite communications to rigs operated by KCA Deutag, one of the world’s leading well drilling contractors. 
NSR Analysis—The Shifting Direct-To-Home Demand In Latin America, By Blaine Curcio, Analyst, NSR, South Korea
The Latin American DTH market has, in recent years, seen excellent growth in both household and revenue numbers. With just under 22 million Direct-to-Home (DTH) subscribers as of 2012, Latin America (LATAM) as a whole represents almost 20 percent of global DTH subscribers.
Executive Spotlight: John Celli, President, Space Systems Loral
John Celli, President of SSL, is the company’s top executive and is responsible for SSL’s strategic direction. He has more than 30 years of industry experience and has previously served with the company as Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President, and Senior Vice President of Engineering, Manufacturing, & Test Operations.
Metamaterials: Transformative Technology For The Satellite Communications Industry, By Vern Fotheringham, Chariman + CEO, Kymeta Corporation + Dr. Nathan Kundtz, Executive Vice President + CTO, Kymeta Corporation

In the early 2000s, in a Duke University laboratory, a team of researchers began to explore ways to commercialize the application of a technology known as metamaterials. Just over a decade later, the satellite communications industry is seeing the benefits of this research.
Executive Spotlight: Scott Sprague, Chief Commercial Officer, NewSat Limited
Scott Sprague has more than 30 years senior management experience in the satellite and telecommunications sectors. With responsibilities spanning global sales, marketing, operations and customer service, Scott has held senior positions at KPNQwest, Infonet Service Corporation and AT&T, before moving into the satellite sector as Senior Vice President of Global Sales for SES. At SES, Scott was responsible for leading sales teams and growing global revenues across media, enterprise and government verticals around the world. 
Meeting The Challenges Of Satellite Testing, By Beate Höhne, Agilent Technologies
Around the world, the demand for information anywhere and anytime continues to grow in commercial and military applications. While the previous decade focused on mobile communication, the current decade is focusing on mobile broadband. Today’s theme is “access to everything, everywhere,” and the growth in users and devices is driving tremendous growth in the demand for broadband data.
SatBroadcasting™ Ultra HDTV Now In Extremely Sharp Focus, By Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor
The recent Amsterdam IBC was dominated—in more ways than one—by 4K/Ultra-HDTV (3840 x 2160 pixels). Booth after booth showed off their latest equipment, and the 4K screen sizes seemed to grow to quite breathtaking proportions—and strong hints that, by the time of CES in January, their prices might even be affordable! 
A Case In Point: Real-Time Environmental Condition Monitoring For Remote Mining Projects, By Anu Sood, Global Channel Marketing Manager, SkyWave Mobile Communications
Mining companies often install weather stations to evaluate environmental conditions, especially when the remote work being done is in high mountain elevations. The data is useful for forecasting weather outside of the core mining areas and helps to plan production activities.
Careers: Is Compensation About The Money?, By Bert Sadtler, Senior Contributor
Companies today must re-assess their talent needs in order to remain competitive and drive growth. The satellite communications industry continues to face numerous challenges, yet remains ripe with opportunities. As great talent can make a huge impact, employers need to get it right and make a “great hire.” 
Focus: Network Infrastructure Restoral, By Louis Dubin, Vice Presdient of Product Management, Comtech EF Data
Trunking circuits—the terrestrial fiber or submarine communications cables that transmit data within your core network—comes with the promise of enabling the delivery of voice and broadband…that is, until the link is cut.
SatBroadcasting™: Satellite Distribution, A Vital Technology In The Worldwide Adoption Of Digital Cinema, By Walter Capitani, Vice President of Product Management, International Datacasting (IDC)
As a medium for telecommunications and television broadcasting around the globe, satellite technology has proven itself over many decades of reliable service. Within the past several years, satellite has emerged as the “go-to” technology for the worldwide transmission of digital cinema content and live events. 
Executive Spotlight David A. Anhalt (Col., U.S.A.F. Ret), Vice President and General Manager, Iridium PRIME
Col David Anhalt (U.S. Air Force, retired), joined Iridium as Vice President and General Manager of Iridium PRIME™ in 2013. He is a recognized leader in the hosted payload industry and will spearhead business development for Iridium PRIME, focusing on customer acquisition and technology partnerships.
Focus: The Power Of Q, By Tony Radford, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Teledyne Microwave Solutions
There’s no doubt that the telecommunications industry is evolving at a blistering pace, thanks to our insatiable thirst for connectivity no matter where we are located. 
A Case In Point — Gas Production Supports Employee Welfare Comms, By Nick Miller, Sales Director + Satellite Specialist, Pactel International
The PNG LNG Project is an integrated development that includes gas production and processing facilities in the Southern Highlands and Western Provinces of Papua New Guinea, including liquefaction and storage facilities with capacity of 6.9 million tons per year. 
SatBroadcasting™ — Popular Doesn’t Always Mean The Best, By Dr. Dawie de Wet, Ph.D., CEO, Q-KON
If 54 million people in Africa use 3G for data connectivity, and three million people use ADSL, and less than 500,000 people use satellite, does this mean 3G is the best option for broadband Internet access services? Is the number of subscribers indicative of performance, marketing excellence—or both?
Focus: Savvy Savings With Used Uplink TWTAs, By Dan Freyer, Principal, AdWavez Marketing
TWTAs (traveling wave tube amplifiers) are typically the most cost-effective and reliable solution when compared to other Earth station HPA (high power amplifier) technologies (such as SSPAs and klystrons) for applications that require medium to high power level requirements across a wide bandwidth.
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