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December 2009 Edition
BEAM — the editors, Some thoughts...
Welcome to the annual YEAR IN REVIEW issue of SatMagazine. The companies who participate in this annual edition provide readers with their particular takes on their challenges and successes encountered during 2009 and, in some cases, offer us a preview of 2010 as far as their intents and purposes are concerned.
Top NewsBEAMS Of '09,
A look at the news stories garnering the most reader views during 2009...
Top NewsBEAMS of '09 — Part II,
Continuing the look at the news stories from 2009 with the highest number of reader views...
BEAM - David Bettinger Q&A, In-Flight Broadband
More than a year ago, iDirect and Panasonic Avionics partnered to deliver a new, in-flight broadband system. We checked in with David Bettinger, iDirect’s Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Engineering, to learn the latest information more regarding their joint efforts.
InSight — NSR, In-Flight Satellite Connectivity... Are We There Yet?
When discussing the Ku-band commercial airline broadband access market, the image that comes to mind is that of a famous animation movie where a donkey travels to a faraway land constantly asking the ogre driving the carriage: “Are we there yet?” Today, the answer would be, “Just about there,” to which the donkey’s reply would be, “Ahhh! Finally.”
InSight — Forrester, Ondas Media’s Plans Emerge, by Chris Forrester, Editorial Director, RapidNews
Ondas Media, the would-be European pay-radio service, has signed up the U.K.’s Jazz FM to its planned service. Ondas Media’s strategic plans are also rapidly firming up. In November Ondas, complete with some of its key automobile, broadcast and technology partners, participate in financial road shows in Munich and Paris. “I am stunned at the level of support, and interest being shown,” said Dave Krueger, CEO at Ondas Media. That enthusiasm extends to Ondas’ car manufacturing partners who are stressing to investors their views of the importance of the Ondas plan. “It’s a common message and that it is time to get started,” said Krueger.
InSight — Gottlieb, Must Win Markets For Maritime VSAT Vendors, by Alan Gottlieb, Gottlieb International Group
In the Maritime VSAT market, the two most attractive segments are Containerships and Tankers. Both classes of vessels owners see significant value in fixed priced Broadband, and together they represent a potential market of over 14,000 vessels. In fact, other then Bulk Carriers, they are the only segments where high concentrations of vessels can be found under single owners or managers.
Insight — Heyman, 2009 — In Space, by Jos Heyman, Tiros Space Information
During 2009 (up to the time of writing in mid-November), 59 launches placed a total of 104 satellites in orbit. It is expected that during the last weeks of the year, another 11 launches will take place, boosting the satellites by an additional 11 in number. These satellites were for the following purposes:
InSight — Euroconsult, Still A Good Year... by Pacôme Revillon, CEO, Euroconsult
2009 was marked by the deepest economic crisis of the last decade, with its roots in the financial and early phase of the real estate crisis in 2007 and 2008. While a number of observers note signs of recovery, the economy remains fragile and uncertainty persists.
InSight: Futron, The Space Competitiveness Index—Update, by Futron
Global space activity drives a substantial economic engine, fosters national pride, and enhances military power. Some nations invest in space for the domestic and international respect associated with their technological advances and satellite launches. Others focus more on the economic, commercial and social benefits derived from communications services, imagery, and applied sciences. Militaries have also long realized the force multiplication effect of space assets, including secure communications, reconnaissance, location and navigation services, force tracking, and the remote coordination and operation of war-fighting assets.
InSight — World Teleport Association, The Changing Dynamics Of The Teleport Industry, by Robert Bell
It used to be video distribution that pretty much ruled the teleport industry. But over the last few years, niche markets and value-added services have changed the landscape, and with it, expectations for this US$13 Billion sector of the global satellite communications marketplace.
In My View
In My View — Radford, SATCOM Chronicles—Technology Evolution, by Tony Radford
Since the dawn of mankind, innovative thinking has been the precursor of technology, a reality that has weathered the test of time. And as technology evolves, every good idea or innovation is superseded by the next resulting in an eternal refinement, or “techno-evolution.”
In My View — Landefeld, The Ultimate Broadband Stimulus Solution, by Gordon Landefeld
Several weeks after I helped submit a proposal for the first funding round for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Broadband Stimulus, a moderator on a SATCOM webinar for which I was a panel participant asked me to respond to a statement from a state legislator that SATCOM was not the way to go in disseminating broadband to the unserved and underserved areas of the nation.
SatBroadcasting™ — IDC, DSNG For Asian Indoor Games 2009 (Vietnam), by International Datacasting
IDC’s Tiernan products will be used by the Vietnam Telecom International (VTI) DSNG project for the upgrading and expansion of DSNG, which will be used for Asian Indoor Games in the fall of 2009. The advanced, compact DSNG allows simultaneous HD & SD transmission while having lighter weight and less equipment. The win resulted from a well designed solution with strategic planning from Tiernan and strong local presence and technical competence of OSB. The project involves several parts of the DSNG such as high power amplifiers, encoders and decoder.
SatBroadcasting: Baudry, MSS/ATC Networks In Europe — Their Potential? by Maxine Baudry
Satellite operators are preparing the massive development of mobile TV and mobile broadband services.
YEAR IN REVIEW, Views on 2009 - Insight for 2010
The companies who participate in this annual edition provide readers with their particular takes on their challenges and successes encountered during 2009 and, in some cases, offer us a preview of 2010 as far as their intents and purposes are concerned.