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M2M / Iot + SatHealth™
InfoBeam Part I, Information & News by the Editors
News and Products of Note for SATCOM
InfoBeam Part II, Information & News by the Editors
News and Products of Note for SATCOM
Reaping The Benefits + Avoiding The Pitfalls Of IoT, By FreeWave Technologies
The Internet of Things—or, IoT—is far more than simply the newest fitness monitor or cool device. 
SatHealth™: MSS Disaster Relief Operations Are A Specialty & An Obligation For Telemedicine Success, By Amal Ezzeddine, Senior Director, Government Services, Thuraya Telecommunications Company
In times of natural disaster, conflict and disease, the need for vital information is essential and saves lives.
The Role Of Satellites In The Internet Of Things (IoT), By David Logsdon, Senior Director of Public Advocacy, CompTIA, + David R. Beering, Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Designs
The ancient Egyptians could be considered the forebears of a trend that is now emerging on the technology horizon.
SatBroadcasting™: Signals Solutions Supplied, By Rainer Lorger, Sales Director, DEV Systemtechnik
Ericsson Television Limited’s main R&D facility is located in Southampton in the United Kingdom (UK).
A New View Of Wildlife, By Matt Boker, Freelance Author, courtesy of Cisco’s “The Network”
Millie, a sea turtle paddling around the Caribbean Sea, sports one atop her shell. Several newly freed scarlet macaws wear similar devices as they flutter through a Guatemalan rainforest. A fledgling program in South Africa is taking satellite tracking of rhinos a step further by adding a horn-mounted camera to reduce poaching.
Satellite Thermal Vacuum Testing: A Qualified Sensor, By Sook-Hua Wong, Product Planner Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Equipment used in space applications needs to go through stringent environmental tests in order to prove that survivability within the extreme conditions experienced during launch or while in space. Some of the key environmental tests include vibration, thermal vacuum and electromagnetic compatibility. 
We Don’t Talk Hot Air, Surface Heating Systems Ltd (SHS) enables antenna operators to function in the most arduous of weather
Surface Heating Systems Ltd (SHS) manufactures a range of antenna heating products to prevent the build-up of snow and ice on antennas ranging from 0.3 meter microwave antennas to (at present) 18 meter Earth Station antennas in C-, Ku- and Ka-band frequencies.
SatBroadcasting™: How Satellite Operators Can Become Significant Players In OTT, IPTV + Streaming, Richard Frankland, Regional Vice President of Sales, Americas, Irdeto
Consumer habits continue to change as the explosion of more available screens and devices continue to pour onto the market, all available for viewing content.
To The Benefit Of Belarus — BELINTERSAT-1, This planned launch on January 16, 2016 is the largest investment project ever undertaken within the field of telecommunications for the Republic of Belarus.
The Belintersat project is being carefully planned—this mission will enrich the history of Belorus through the launch of the first telecommunication satellite for the country—BELINTERSAT-1. 
Herd Instinct: How Satellite M2M Will Boost Beef Yields, By Corry Brennan, Simplex Regional Sales Manager, EMEA, Globalstar
While becoming commonplace these days to track and manage assets, such as vehicles and equipment using satellite-based M2M solutions, tracking animals creates many additional challenges. 
The State Of Satellite M2M / IoT, By Alan Crisp, NSR Analyst, Hong Kong
Machine to machine (M2M) communications and the Internet of Things (IoT), are more than just the latest technological buzzwords.
Finding The Correct SATCOM Solution: A SpeedCast Perspective, By Cedric Mancini, Director of Engineering and Operations, SpeedCast
There is no doubt that to grow and thrive in today’s global economy, a business must be connected 24/7—and that means in any location, no matter how remote, whether on land, at sea or in the air.
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