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To The Benefit Of Belarus — BELINTERSAT-1
This planned launch on January 16, 2016 is the largest investment project ever undertaken within the field of telecommunications for the Republic of Belarus.


The Belintersat project is being carefully planned—this mission will enrich the history of Belorus through the launch of the first telecommunication satellite for the country—BELINTERSAT-1. 

This event is planned for launch on January 16, 2016, at the Sichan spaceport, in the People’s Republic of China. The project’s technical specialists are working diligently to ensure the satellite will be launched on the appointed date. To that end, the Ground Control Station (CGS) team participated in eight months of training in China to learn from colleagues the various technical underpinnings required for launch and satellite control operations.

The project was initiated in 2012 when the national satellite communication system for the Republic of Belarus was activated. A closed competition for the manufacture of the satellite followed, with the winner being the Chinese industrial corporation, Great Wall.

This is the largest investment project ever undertaken within the field of telecommunications for the Republic of Belarus. Other previous projects in the country have not been of such innovative, economic or social importance. The project’s goals include collaboration with commercial and state customers from the Republic of Belarus, as well as with overseas countries.

The ground infrastructure has passed all crucial control tests and now includes the GCS itself and a teleport. In turn, the team for this project is now fully trained and prepared to carry out the planned orbital tests, all of which will lead to the satellite entering commercial operation.

The ground infrastructure serves to control the satellite from Earth. GCS was successfully placed into operation in November, 2015, and the plan is to establish a teleport by March of 2016.

With the satellite being launched, the Republic of Belarus is making the nation’s first, serious, breakthrough into space. However, plans for further satellite development are even more ambitious. An orbital position for the next communication satellite is currently being studied and the next satellite is planned for construction using the technologies that are leading the design work within the world satellite services market. 

BELINTERSAT-1 will be launched into the 51.5 degrees East orbital slot and will provide a full range of modern satellite services across Europe, Africa and Asia, and will also provide global coverage in Eastern hemisphere. The satellite will pack 38 transponders, 34 at 36 MHz, and 4 at 54 MHz bandwidths. 

A wide range of telecommunication services will be offered that will include television content delivery, a broad range of broadcasting services as well as broadband Internet access. The satellite will operate in the Ku- and C-bands, with full commercial exploitation of BELINTERSAT-1 to be conducted over the spacecraft’s 15 year lifetime expectancy.

The satellite is based on the proven DFH-4 platform, with 100 percent of the components having passed all necessary qualifications, especially in regard to flight dynamics. The supplier of the payload (transponders) is the French-Italian company “Thales Alenia Space,” recognized throughout the industry as a global leader in the field of development and construction
of spacecraft.

For the commercial and government institutions in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the Belintersat project will be providing a number of widely demanded services that will include...

• Satellite Internet
• Mobile satellite communication
• Solutions for mobile operators 
• Corporate networks provisioning
• Live TV broadcasting 

The most significant offering of these services for the market is the total coverage of the nation, which creates an ideal service for the citizens of the republic, the state government’s institutions as well as a broad range of commercial organizations. 

The BELINTERSAT-1’s project teams cooperatively carry out active coordination with potential consumers whose focus is on satellite capacity. Special attention is being paid directly to foreign partners and customers, as the scope of the project is also focused on the export of communications services.

Specialists regularly attend exhibitions and forums in Belarus and abroad to expand business relationships and to increase their professional experience.

The signing of the contract for the creation of the national satellite communication system of the Republic of Belarus.

As the Republic of Belarus takes its first steps in mastering the commercial benefits of space, we can learn from the long-term experiences of our foreign partners on how to maintain the focus of the project’s purposes and tasks. 

Entering the world satellite market, the Belintersat project enlists many of the nation’s best attributes to become a recognized SATCOM player within the international community, as well as to improve prospective partnerships with leading players in the various communications market segments. 

Belintersat wishes to express sincere thanks to the project’s closest partners from the People’s Republic of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Israel. The successful start of this project is, in many respects, a result of our colleagues crucial participation—their expertise and support have expanded Belintersat opportunities for a number of future developments, as well.