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October 2022 Edition
Satellite Innovation, Constellations, Systems Integration, Interference / Carrrier ID, New Space, New Comms, Perspectives
Viewpoint: Luis Gomes, CEO, AAC Clyde Space
Most money invested in space technology actually goes into developing infrastructure that monitors the Earth, supports businesses, and provides services to people such as you and me.
Pushing Boundaries, President of Data and Services, Dr. Andrew Carrel explains more…
At AAC Clyde Space we are developing Earth Observation (EO) and communication technologies.
The Forrester Report: Busy Weeks in Merger-land, Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist
“A lot has happened this week in Lake Wobegon.” 
Industry Roundup — SIG Workshop 2022, Helen Weedon, Managing Director, the Satcoms Innovation Group
The SATCOM industry is going through a transformative phase, with new technologies and verticals affecting the way we work. 
Redefining GSaaS, Brad Bode, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, ATLAS Space Operations
Ground Software as a Service
Healthcare Innovation Within The Space Sector, Elizabeth Reynolds, Managing Director, USA, Starburst
It has become increasingly evident that access to microgravity has profound impacts on biological science and medical device innovation.
The Final Frontier? Not Anymore..., Avi Shabtai, Chief Executive Officer, Ramon.space
The future of payloads in space means we’re just getting started. 
Connecting The Countryside, Space & Satellite Professionals International
What Has Satellite Done for You Lately?
Application Specific Designs For Satellite Connector + Cable Systems, Bob Stanton, Director of Technology, Omnetics Connector Corporation
New satellites and space electronics seriously require interconnection design planning for each individual function and where they will be performing. 
Saving Space: Toward a More Sustainable Future in Low Earth Orbit, Accion Systems
The exponential growth in the number of satellites in space will exacerbate the volume of debris in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). 
FOCUS: Satellogic, Twelve Years — Missions, Milestones, and Memories
The Satellogic team asked longtime colleagues to share their favorite memories.
A Conversation With Randy Ryder, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Wireless and Sensing Products Group, Semtech
Randy Ryder is senior director, wireless products for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group.
A Merger Between Satellite + Broadcast IP, Chris Clarke, Chief Executive Officer, Cerberus Tech
The sector is preparing for a cloud-based transition over the long-term.
Executive Spotlight: Joel Spark, Co-Founder and General Manager, Space Services, Spire
We have the world’s largest multipurpose constellation on-orbit and one of the world’s largest constellations, period. 
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