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April 2022 Edition
MENA, Africa, Comms (RF, Microwave, Laser, Optical), 5G, Wi-Fi, SSA/SDA, Civil Emergency Comms
“Whistleblower” — Intelsat, itself, could help to determine the SES vs. Intelsat case, Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor
SES could call their own expert witness.
Increasingly Complex Satellite Networks...Need A Next-Gen Ground Game, Richard Swardh, Senior Vice President Premium Enterprise and Mobile Operators, Comtech Satellite Network Technologies
It will take a transformational ground infrastructure to unleash the full potential of these new communications networks.
Filling Radar Gaps Will Improve Global Weather Intel, Michael Hurowitz, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Orbital Micro Systems
Passive microwave radiometry is the weather observation hero we need.
Canada’s Next Space Innovation—Capturing Ultra High Resolution Imagery, Adam Brown, Strategic Initiatives Lead, Wyvern
On Christmas Day in 2021, the most complex and powerful space telescope ever built was launched into space.
FOCUS: ND SATCOM—Shaping the Future, Alexander Mueller-Gastell, Chief Executive Officer, ND SATCOM
The firm’s stable leadership prevailed as it pursued the path of investment in new technologies and new market opportunities.
Prestwick Spaceport:Planning for Success, Mike O’Connor, Program Director, Prestwick Spaceport
The UK overtook third placed China and fourth placed Japan to rank second for the number of satellites deployed per operator country.
The Future Of Space: How additive manufacturing is changing the playing field, Jason Ball, Vice President and General Manager, Burloak Technologies
This “perfect storm” has inspired an increasing number of space manufacturers to explore Additive Manufacturing (AM).
Focus: DEV Systemtechnik, RFoF distribution frequency range on SATCOM
RF over fiber (RFoF) refers to a technology where radio frequency analog signals modulate a light source (laser) and are transmitted over an optical fiber link.
UV In The Sky With Resin: A novel, on-orbit manufacturing technique, William S. Yerazunis and Avishai Weiss
“Spectacular” and “inexpensive” are two words that rarely fit together when space technology is concerned.
Electronically Steerable Antenna (ESA) Excitement, Steven Newell, Chief Commercial Officer, NXTCOMM
NXTCOMM sees strong momentum for ESAs in 2022, both in the military and with market leaders in aviation. 
Replacing Satellite Components With SDRs, Software Defined Radios
Software-defined radio can be used in satellite systems as a replacement for these traditional platforms.
Space Ready Optics: The key to next generation satellite systems, Mark Pontin, Managing Director, Resolve Optics
The focus of this article is to discuss the challenges of developing lenses and optical systems for satellites that are ready to withstand the harsh environment of space.
FOCUS: Fleet Space Technologies: Mineral Exploration Innovation, Flavia Tata Nardini and Matt Pearson, Founders, Fleet Space Technologies
It also drastically reduces the requirement for environmentally damaging elements of existing surveyance practices
FOCUS: satADSL, Caroline De Vos, COO, satADSL
In this year of the company’s 10th anniversary, SatADSL has entered new era.
When Cellular Ends At The Forest Edge, Space and Satellite Professionals International (SSPI)
To save forest and homes and lives — including their own — firefighters turn to satellite technology for assistance.
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