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Caroline De Vos, COO, satADSL


SatADSL’s disruptive journey to the heart of the satellite industry began when a quartet of engineers initiated the firm during a study for the European Space Agency (ESA) some ten years ago now.

In this year of the company’s 10th anniversary, SatADSL has entered new era. A new corporate identity and the announcement of a refreshed branding of the cloud service delivery platform — neXat — marked its status as an important and disruptive player in the SATCOM industry, and one committed to further growth. 


This growth was further exemplified in Q3 by the extension of the neXat platform to the maritime sector. This extension opened the door for maritime connectivity services providers to new markets as well as the monetization of payment and management services — the platform was made available to serve both the commercial shipping industry as well as the leisure boating sector. 

While 2021 was a year of development and growth for SatADSL and there’s no doubt that the industry faced significant challenges. With numerous events canceled and the ability to meet one another face to face restricted, SatADSL did not allow these circumstances restrict the firm’s growth. 

2021 saw neXat nominated as an award finalist in the Teleport Technology of the Year category by the World Teleport Association for the second time. The industry confidence in the platform and the impressive growth SatADSL cultivated over 10 years makes a strong case for the company’s continued success. 

This year, SatADSL has undergone an exciting rebranding program that outlines their vision, with a view to the enhanced flagship neXat platform and the development and strengthening of new and existing partnerships. 

As the company moves forward, SatADSL remain committed to making the world a more connected planet. As changes are occurring in the blink of an eye, they remain flexible and forward-thinking. 

SatADSL is focused on the continuous development of the neXat platform and other product offerings, all developed to benefit teleport and hub operators, satellite operators, teleport and hub operators, satellite government and defence, and ISPs. 

Being a continent-to-continent satellite services provider, SatADSL’s unique position in the market as the aggregator of high-end satellite services and as a capacity marketplace was solidified in 2021. 

This is, in part thanks to the launch of the new SatADSL eMarketplace that was introduced as a one-stop-shop designed to simplify the process of selecting satellite services, making life easier for teleports, ISPs and end users. 

SatADSL also expanded services to cater to new markets, including the growing maritime sector, and the rebranding has cemented the company’s identity as a market disruptor. 

There are plans in place to continue to enhance the platform next year and disrupt the traditional high-CAPEX world of satellite. 

In 2022, SatADSL is set to further develop the security and resilience of neXat. With backing from the European Space Agency (ESA), the firm has already given government agencies and corporate entities the confidence they need for a broad range of projects and operations. 

This has also enabled them to better serve high- end satellite service businesses and to offer a competitive advantage to teleports. 

SatADSL knows the importance of access to connectivity — from schools and communities to workers on cargo ships — especially over the last couple of years. 

In 2021, the firm assisted service providers in Africa and North America offer a better selection of satellite network, thanks to SatADL’s partnership with Orbital Connect. 

The company also teamed up with Supernet, a Pakistan-based provider, which was empowered to move beyond its home country to offer global service via the neXat platform. 

SatADSL is striving to continue this momentum in 2022 as the company expands their bandwidth offering and connects to even more teleports and satellites. 

This last year witnessed SatADSL redoubling their efforts to focus on supporting both governments and corporate bodies with their satellite solutions. 

In real terms, this has meant delivering everything from support for e-learning in schools across Africa to providing robust SatADSL solutions to offshore oil and gas operations and is the culmination of work toward the long-term goals and objectives that have seen SatADSL flourish over the past 10 years. 

It’s clear that the utility of neXat is partly in the product’s flexibility to suit different needs. As a result, the markets and verticals that benefit from the SatADSL solutions are diverse. 

Governments trust the platform to operate securely — developing areas of the world appreciate the economy of the offerings that are available via neXat. 

Caroline De Vos

From a small operation in Sub-Saharan Africa to a worldwide network of teleport and satellite coverage spanning every continent, SatADSL’s growth over the short span of 10years reflects the company’s unique focus in the industry and the disruptive offering. 

Author Caroline De Vos is the Chief Operating Officer for ADSL