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InfoBeam Part I, Information & News by the Editors
News and Products of Note in SATCOM
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News and Products of Note in SATCOM
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News and Products of Note in SATCOM
Finding a New Norm: A personal view regarding the hype of industry transformation, By Carolyn Belle, Director, KSATLite USA
The terms “transformation” and “space industry” are, time and again, thrown together by industry leaders and picked up in mainstream media.
A Scourge in the Middle East...Copyright Piracy, By Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist
The Direct-to-Home (DTH) business in the Middle East is in an absolute mess.
Optical Wireless Comms for MENA: The future is hybrid RF, By Rick Sanford, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, BridgeSat, Inc.
The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is home to 6 percent of the world’s population and covers a surface of more than 15 million square kilometers that is rich in petroleum and natural gas resources.
Focus: Es’hailSat—The growth continues..., By Mr. Hamad Al Mannai, Commercial Executive Director, Es’hailSat
As one of the youngest Satellite Operator in the region, Es’hailSat was a late entrant in the Middle East satellite space. However, over the past few years, the company has been emerging rapidly into various verticals with a versatile portfolio of services to meet customer demands.
Low-Cost Ground Systems: A technology roadmap, By Paul Scardino, Senior Vice President, Speedcast
The coming wave of LEO communications constellations has focused attention as never before on the cost of ground systems.
Igniting The Next Revolution...in satellite constellations, By Shey Sabripour, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CesiumAstro
The global space industry is undergoing rapid change. No less than 300 new companies are investing in new spacecraft and launch systems for more cost-effective access to space with greater frequency.
A Breakthrough Development...LTE connects to satellite, By Guillaume Vivier and David Choukroun, Sequans
While the number of connected objects and mobile phones on Earth is now greater than the number of human beings, there are still some areas where there are no mobile networks available.
Twenty Years of #SpaceGen, Promoting the peaceful uses of outer space
Twenty years ago, as an outcome of the UNISPACE III event, the Third United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful uses of Outer Space in Vienna, Austria, was in session from July 19 to 30. 1999.
Commercial Space Technologies & Applications, A Book-Look
Commercial Space Technologies and Applications was written by Dr. Mohammad Razani, the Professor and Chair of the Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering Technology Department at the New York City College of Technology, City University of New York.
The SIG Workshop @ Airbus: A personal view..., By Martin Coleman, Executive Director, Satcom Innovation Group (SIG)
At the close of March this year, the Satcom Innovation Group (SIG) headed to Airbus Defence and Space in Portsmouth, UK, for two days of presentations and discussions at our SIG Workshop.
Satellite Delivers Benefits for IoT: Essential connectivity..., By Graham Avis, Vice President, Hughes Network Systems
Research firm Gartner predicts that the Internet of Things (IoT) could connect as many as 26 billion devices by 2020.
A Conversation With...Laura Salcedo, Junior Legal Counsel, Hiber
Laura Salcedo is a junior legal counsel at Hiber, an Internet of Things (IoT) satellite communications provider. 
Antenna Feeds & Reflectors for Space Comms: Current and future developments..., By Carlos A. Leal-Sevillano, Ph.D., Senior Electrical Engineer, SENER
Satellite communications technology has rapidly evolved rapidly during recent years, driven by the constant requirement for systems with higher data rates and the uncertain future of classical GEO satellites versus new architectures — HTS (High Throughput Satellites) and VHTS (Very High Throughput Satellites) —- as well as by the mega-constellations in LEO orbits.
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