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January 2011 Edition
The Microsatellite Market
A Case In Point
AtollComms, author: Katia Gryadunova, Marketing + Public Relations, Pactel International
Teletok is the exclusive telecommunications provider in Tokelau. The territory of Tokelau itself is spread among three remotely located atolls, Fakaofo, Nukunonu and Atafu, making the delivery of telecommunications solutions to its residents quite a challenge.
A Case In Point - HoneyComms,
Laney Honey, located in North Liberty, Indiana, has been beekeeping for almost 30 years. What started as a hobby for the Laney family in the ‘70s has become a full-time business for Dave, Kay, and Linda. The Laney family has grown their beekeeping business from just a few hives to 18 hives over 40 acres of land.
Challenging Times For Nilesat, author: Chris Forrester, Editorial Director, RapidTV
Nilesat is going through something of a challenging period, with recent actions described by some critics as ‘dictatorial’ and heavy-handed. On the positive side it is very easy to tell a story that’s all good news. Revenues are good, and in October it started commercializing its latest satellite, Nilesat 201, launched on August 4th.
Running Interference..., author: Martin Coleman, Director, Colem
Spotting interference when it occurs is great and helps to reduce interference, but better than reduced interference would be no interference at all.
Executive Spotlight
Executive Spotlight - Mike Antonovich, Managing Director Media Solutions, Global Crossing Genesis Solutions
Mike Antonovich is responsible for serving the high-performance, rich-media, video-based needs of the world’s major broadcasters, programmers, producers and aggregators of the world’s global television and media business. He was named managing director in November of 2010, when the company acquired Genesis Networks, where he had served as the company’s president and CEO. Mr. Antonovich brings more than 30 years of broadcast and satellite industry sales, marketing, operations and executive experience to his position.
The Importance of Channel Simulation, author: Steve Williams, Business Area Manager, RT Logic
Satellite communications (SATCOM), manned and unmanned military and aerial surveillance systems, and strategic and tactical military communications all play critical roles in ensuring our economic and national security. Each of these relies heavily on radio communication links for control, data uplink, data crosslink and data downlink. As such, our skies are jam-packed with radio signals, each of which is increasingly compromised by natural, accidental and intentional interference. This interference threatens the integrity and quality of these links, and therefore the very missions they support.
Enabling Space Access..., author: Randa Relich Milliron, CEO + Founder, Interorbital Systems
With a growing collection of small satellites from academic, government, arts, military, and corporate sectors, Interorbital Systems (IOS) is rapidly filling the manifests for the first two of its 2011 launches, and booking a series of dedicated orbital missions well into 2012.
Focus...The Power Of The Picosatellite,
Over the past several years, CubeSats have evolved from excellent hands-on teaching tools in the university domain into high performance, high reliability picosatellites with increasing interest from the Department of Defense (DoD) space community for experimental and operational applications. The vision for future CubeSat mission types range from technology demonstration missions to augmenting larger satellites to performing stand-alone operational missions, with dedicated payloads. Comtech AeroAstro, Inc. (CAA) and the Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) have teamed together to develop a high-performance CubeSat design that is able to meet the requirements of these more stringent mission types.
From The Back Of The Closet To The Convenience Of Your Hip, author: Dennis Matheson, TerreStar Networks
Similar to satellite TV and satellite radio, mobile satellite communications will soon allow Americans nationwide to enjoy the reach and breadth of satellite services. Although satellite phones have provided an important service to government, enterprise, and some consumer users for years, the recently introduced TerreStar™ GENUS™, (currently available through AT&T) offers a feature-rich approach to satellite communications of the mobile kind.
NewsBeam , The Editors
Late breaking news...
Prime Time
From Micro- To Nano... Seeking The Business Sweet-Spot, author: Shaun Kenyon, Mission Concepts, SSTL
For the last quarter century Surrey Satellite Technologies Ltd. has been manufacturing micro-satellites for paying customers. But with a flurry of activity at the nano-satellite end of the market, a new company project studies how small operational satellites might get while still performing useful tasks. SSTL project lead Shaun Kenyon explains...
Solutions—GPS Receiver Verification, author: Greg Jue, Applications Specialist, Agilent Technologies
One of the more compelling trends in the mobile phone market these days is the migration from dual-band to tri- and even quad-band designs. These complex phones must also now have the ability to handle various signals for peripheral radios such as Bluetooth®, FM, WLAN and WiMAX™ on a single integrated device.
Adieu, My Fair Maiden, author: Tony Radford, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Paradise Datacom
Close your eyes and picture yourself in a tropical paradise taking a leisurely morning stroll along a beautiful stretch of deserted beach. You’re immersed in the pristine ambiance of brilliant flora, the soothing warmth of the sun and soft caress of a gentle ocean breeze when all of a sudden you detect the faint whisper of a distant song.