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Innovation II, Interference
InfoBeam Part I, Information & News, by the Editors
News and Products of Note in SATCOM
InfoBeam Part II, Information & News, by the Editors
News and Products of Note in SATCOM
InfoBeam Part III, Information & News, by the Editors
News and Products of Note in SATCOM
Satellite Innovation 2018, with Michael Antonovich, Eutelsat Americas, New End User Markets — The Next Generation of Satellite Customer
“Innovation” is far more than just a term that’s being bandied about by industry and marketing mavens and actors... “Innovation” is an agency of change, of solidifying dreams into a reality, of bringing the future into today.
Innovation: Comtech EF Data, with Michael DiPaolo, Comtech EF Data Corporation’s new Durostream AHA725 and AHA723 WAN Optimization appliances with packet protection
Bringing innovative ideas to fruition can be a daunting task and requires the efforts of many specialized professionals within a company to deliver a final product that features advanced technologies in combination with reliable performance. One firm that has constantly been able to deliver on innovative technologies is Comtech EF Data.
Innovation: Frost & Sullivan, Frost & Sullivan, being a consulting firm specializing in innovative research methodologies.
Innovative ideas produce innovative results that further the causes of the industries and target market segments within the satellite and space environs. Frost & Sullivan helps their clients leverage technology convergence to create better solutions for their customers, with services such as technology vision road-maps, technology convergence workshops and technology commercialization strategies.
The Forrester Report Part II: A $10 billion cash windfall for SES and Intelsat..., By Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor
A major 37-page report released on August 6 from equity analysts at investment bank Jefferies stated that the proposed restructuring of scarce satellite C-band frequencies over the U.S. in order to help drive adoption of 5G cellular telephony could result in a $10 billion cash windfall — “at least” — for the two main proponents of the scheme, SES and Intelsat.
Uplink: Innovation — AvL Technologies: Flat panel design is influenced by application, By Ian Timmins, Ph.D., Principal RF Engineer
Since the inception of satellite communications (SATCOM), the parabolic reflector antenna has been the”go-to” technology that has enabled reception (downlink) and transmission (uplink) of data using radio frequency (RF) signals from Earth-based SATCOM terminals.
A Case in Point: Gilat Satellite Networks—Bringing LTE connectivity to the Philippines, 1998628920
This article spotlights Gilat Satellite Networks’ fully managed satellite backhaul implementation for Globe Telecom.
Aerospace Corporation Analysis: Setting the standard for smallsats, By Dr. Danielle Piskorz, Member of the Technical Staff Visual/Infrared Sensor Systems Department, and Carrie O’Quinn, Sr. Project Engineer
The push for capable, inexpensive spacecraft has led to a manufacturing explosion of satellites in the 25 to 200 kilogram range — smallsats.
Uplink: Innovation — AtlanTecRF: Off-satellite testing... transforming the world of SATCOM, By Geoff Burling, Chief Executive Officer — This article was originally published in Microwave Product Digest, June 2018, and is republished with permission.
Over the past half century, artificial satellites have transformed our lives, providing us with a host of information regarding our planet, its geology, its oceans, its weather and its people.
Executive Spotlight: Ramesh Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Hughes Network Systems
Ramesh Ramaswamy is senior vice president and general manager of the International Division at Hughes Network Systems. In this capacity, he oversees the company’s sales, marketing and operations in the global market.
Uplink: Innovation Integrasys—A new dawn for satellite communications, By Alvaro Sanchez, General Manager
When the first communication satellite was launched, it was met with pure amazement from people across the globe. The height of innovation, satellite suddenly enabled communication services at a much greater scale than ever before thought possible and quickly became relied upon for a plethora of services.
Uplink: Innovation — Dev Systemtechnik GmbH, Signal transmission from antenna to receiver, By Yannick Zeller, Systems Engineer
Whether in a cable headend, Earth station or teleport, reliable signal transmission and distribution is the backbone of a facility’s successful operation. From signal reception at the satellite dish, to processing and distribution within a facility, and final distribution, signal quality availability must be properly engineered and managed. Redundancies play a key role in order to guarantee maximum reliability and uptime.
SatBroadcasting™: Video Over Satellite—Is there a future for this technology?, By Roger Franklin, Chief Executive Officer, Crystal
These days, there are two types of video: Video-On-Demand (VOD) or Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVOD) — that’s the Netflixes of the world. Then there’s Live and Linear TV — that’s what is called TV Video.
Uplink: Innovation — CRP Technology: Droning on and on with 3D printing technology, By Matteo Levoni Bemposti
CRP Technology, based in Italy, part of the CRP Group, has used their Windform composite materials and Laser Sintering technology to manufacture the 3D printed Tundra-M, the functional prototype of Hexadrone’s first modular, easy-to-use, unmanned aerial system (UAS) drone.
Uplink: Innovation — ETL Systems: What is DWDM? Why is it important?, By Steve Fendley, International Sales Manager
Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM), with routes in the IP domain, has suddenly become a hot topic for the satellite industry. In many cases, there is now far further distances between the satellite dish and operating center. When sending signals over these longer distances, DWDM is the only reliable way to do achieve this without affecting signal quality.
Uplink: Innovation — Glowlink®: CSIR™: The efficient, interference solution, By Philip Chu, Senior Technical Project Manager
Radio frequency interference in satellite communications is a growing concern for military and commercial users alike. With increasing spectral density and frequency overlap, interference incidents have become commonplace — reported interference cases (a small subset of overall interference cases) reached 20,000 reported incidents per year in 2016. With Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations and 5G terrestrial players entering the SATCOM landscape, this number will experience tremendous growth.
Uplink: Innovations HUBER+SUHNER—Driving NewSpace..., By Roman Buff, Market Manager, Aerospace
The NewSpace industry is growing rapidly — with new technologies and innovations changing the space-scape as we know it. Previously an industry almost completely headed up by government and space exploration entities, with the aim to discover and monitor the unknown, the next space age — NewSpace — builds on the knowledge and key findings from the Old Space era, and seeks to capitalize, economize and privatize the sector.
A Case in Point: Cog + Fleet Space Technologies—Embracing modularity for the satellite-connected device , By Carl Nerup, CMO, Cog, and Andrew Barton, CTO, Fleet Space Technologies
A dramatic growth of up to 30 billion IoT devices by 2020 is estimated to occur. This is a big number; however, one element in common for all IoT devices is the ‘I’ for internet, which, by direct implication, means that the internet needs to be connected through some form of medium.
SATCOM CHALLENGES: Interference—Are we heading in the correct direction?, By Martin Coleman, Executive Director, Satellite Interference Reduction Group
Satellite interference is a problem that just won’t go away — it has no boundaries. Yet all around the world, applications and services rely on reliable satellite communications for essential connectivity, from the military to broadcasters.
A Globalstar Focus: Spot On...How SATCOM is keeping forest workers safe..., By Gavan Murphy, Director of Marketing, EMEA
As forestry organizations look to safeguard employees, including firefighters and other first responders, they are increasingly turning to satellite solutions.
Uplink: Innovation — Smarter Shows: The future of propellants and propulsion systems, By Nicole Heins, Conference Producer
Propulsion systems were a main topic of discussion at Space Tech Expo USA 2018 — not only on the Launch Systems day, but also on the Satellite Systems and Future Programs day.
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