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GTX Corporation — YEAR IN REVIEW

Briceno + GTX logo GPS “People Tracking” continues to garner both increased opportunity and adoption worldwide — PLS technology has been the focus of our business for the past seven years. GTX Corp., a leader in Personal Location Services, develops and license’s 2-way GPS people finding technologies which seamlessly integrate with consumer products and enterprise applications. GTX Corp uses the latest miniaturized, low power consumption hardware technology in its GPS and cellular location devices and provides a fully customizable back-end portal enabling subscribers to use real time tracking to obtain the whereabouts of people, pets, or valued assets. Through its miniaturized transceiver module, wireless connectivity gateway, smart phone Apps, customizable middleware, and viewing portal, GTX Corp offers a complete end to end solution.

GTX Corp considers Latin America a most important and growing market and is engaging customers through partnerships, bi-lingual sales, and technical support staff, along with localized software translated into Spanish for the region. The Company expects to see significant growth in 2010 as they increase the number of products, and by increasing marketing efforts.

The rising need for personal location services in the region is influenced by several factors, among them — Personal and asset security concerns affecting a greater portion of the population — Families caring for loved ones and the elderly or memory impaired members — Corporations needing to manage worker productivity and logistics — Government agencies, law enforcement, and military personnel monitoring.

Licensees of GTX Corp technology can customize the PLS menu of real time, bi-directional GPS data communications options, which affords customers the most locally appropriate application package. GTX Corp is currently selling smart phone apps in more than 55 countries as well as PLS through hardware devices and platform licensing in the U.S., Mexico, Guatemala, Israel, and Nepal. While there are a number of developers working in the location based services space, GTX Corp is unique in its ability to integrate customizable form factors with dedicated functionality and personalized interfaces to offer consumers and businesses localized applications that harness the full spectrum of GPS enabled Personal Location Services.

Founded in 2002 and  based in Los Angeles, California, the company has evolved from its early beginnings of putting a micro GPS device in a shoe — the smart shoe — to provide caregivers of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s full GPS people tracking capabilities, for which the company has already received six broad patents for the application as well as a partnership with Aetrex Worldwide, who is developing the retail shoe product for delivery to the market in Q1 of 2010. GTX Corp continues to pave the way with innovative geo specific and proximity alerting applications. The company believes in a strong intellectual property strategy and, to date, has an extensive portfolio of patents, patents pending, registered trade marks, copyrights and dedicated URL’s.