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February 2023 Edition
February: 2023 - SmallSats and Related Market Segments, Propulsion, EO, Imagery, Optics, SmallSat related OpEds, Constellations
The Forrester Report: Europe’s launch sector is in a mess..., Chris Forrester, Senior Contributor
Cumulative problems are bad enough and it is not as if the rest of the world is standing idly by.
Executive Spotlight: Kevin Steen, Chief Executive Officer, OneWeb Technologies
OneWeb Technologies is the U.S. proxy company of OneWeb and our focus is the U.S. government.
The Ongoing Trend From Nano- To Microsats...Satellite size does matter, Vytenis J. Buzas, Chief Executive Officer, Kongsberg NanoAvionics (NanoAvionics)
Miniaturization of platforms, components and sub-systems has also significantly reduced the cost of satellites.
Solving Commercial Space Manufacturers Cybersecurity Concerns With Secured Digital Engineering, Eric Conway, Senior Vice President Technology, BigBear.ai
Secured Digital Engineering—will decrease costs for manufacturers, improve development speed and bolster the security of space assets
SmallSats — Insights From Space... Decisions On Earth, Stratview Research
 These low mass and size spacecraft, usually under 500 kgs., are sent to space to serve specific purposes and they now permeate almost every sector of life
A Time For Testing — Facilities for future growth and development in the UK, Matt Fletcher, Head of Environmental Test Division, RAL Space
The NSTF came about as a result of a Facilities Gap Study run by the UK Space Agency
Optics For Smallsats, Mark Pontin, Managing Director, Resolve Optics
The smallsat market, driven by a desire to reduce satellite costs and the increasing availability of miniaturized technologies.
The Sustainable Use Of Space, Rob Schwarz Chief Technology Officer, Momentus Space
Many of the hard-learned lessons we have learned on Earth should be applied to our activities in space.
Focus: EREMS, SWOT (Surface Water and Ocean Topography)
This satellite is designed to study ocean topography and surface water on the continents
Satellite Spotlight On... ORCASat, Alexander Doknjas, University of Victoria, Australia
ORCASat is carrying two laser light sources and it is able to measure the amount of light (the radiant flux) that these light sources are emitting.
Focus: Unseenlabs, A European leader in RF signals detection from space for maritime surveillance
Space-based RF detection — to geolocate vessels at sea that do not want to be found.
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