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Editor's Notes
Happy New Year To Everyone!
There is an abundance of pundits and experts who indicate this is the year of, at the least a repressed economy in the United States. All due to a mortgage mess, oil prices that inflict a heavy monetary strain on businesses and families alike, and a Congress that seems intent on proving, regardless of party affiliation, it’s all about political party confrontation (or downright lassitude), excessive spending (especially on pork barrel projects), and ego aggrandizement combined with accumulation of power. The polls reflect the American citizenry’s dislike for the Congress, with ratings ranging from the low teens to the low 20’s… disgraceful!

Every country in the world is affected, whether you like it or not, in some way by what occurs in the United States. Dollar slippage, ineffective legislation, the repercussions of U.S. inadequacies are felt everywhere — and if it’s bad in the States, imagine the potentially, ominous aspects for companies overseas. How will this negativism affect your satcom business prospects? Time to hunker down? What do you feel should be done to alleviate, or at least lessen, the likelihood of satbiz slowdown? On the other hand, will a recession affect what “we do”? We’d truly appreciate hearing from you about this… especially regarding potential solutions that could benefit our industries and businesses. Email your thoughts, whether you agree or disagree, to Hartley@satnews.com. Especially pithy and thought provoking messages will be published for everyone’s edification in a future issue.

Also, allow me to add — let us never forget our debt of gratitude to those who often work long hours for our companies, those who handle public relations and marketing for products and services. They tend to be overlooked when a launch goes well, or a new service debuts to enthusiastic accolade. The message IS the exciter, especially for editorial folk who simply cannot contact each firm every day to find out what’s new. Treat your marketing and PR folk well—without them, you might have the greatest product or event in the world, but no one will ever know about it outside your company.

To that end, I would advise you to contact me with a press release, a fax, a phone call, or an email. As I am a firm believer in content repurposement, perhaps your information fits within the guidelines for SatMagazine, MilsatMagazine, digiGO™, our daily/weekly news products, or all of them. Your single news item could receive four exposures! Please keep that in mind and inform, inform, inform!

This issue presents some terrific material for your mental digestion—James Kramer of Integral Systems offers satellite control systems advice; Dr. Michael Schiestl of HILTRON presents an interesting case study; Chris Forrester returns with his (as usual) in-depth insight into the European condition; I manage to drag Ken Wright of Broadpoint away from his phone for an interview; the first of our Satellite History series runs, courtesy of The Aerospace Corporation; the highly-regarded Euroconsult firm discusses MSS; the likewise highly-regarded Near Earth LLC offers thoughts on satellites; the upcoming ISCe2008 is spotlighted; Bruce Elbert of Application Technology Strategy offers a look back and a highly positive opinion on this month’s PTC ’08 conference; and Horizons 2 is our featured satellite.

Thanks for reading, and should you wish to peruse your OWN words in SatMagazine, MilsatMagazine, or digiGO!, I encourage you contact me ASAP and we can discuss your content suggestions. The editorial deadlines for the next few issues are:
  • February SatMagazine: January 15th
  • digiGO!™ debut issue: January 28th
  • March SatMagazine: February 18th
  • March MilsatMagazine: February 26th
  • March digiGO!: February 28th
All our best to you for a truly prosperous New Year!

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