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Editor's Letter
Welcome to SatMagazine. There are a number of articles this month with a focus on new satellite applications. Take, for example, our cover story authored by the President of Application Technology Strategy, Mr. Bruce Elbert. He reveals some extremely interesting information regarding digital cinema and how satellites are now, and will be in the future, of ensuring timely delivery of new flicks to digital theaters. With major film players behind this effort, here’s an opportunity for the satellite industry to become truly involved in what could well be the next big act.

Ms. Christy Hartman is the Director of Market Intelligence and Communications for CapRock and she explains the importance of ensuring remote sites remain within the visual spectrum. The Director of Business Development for Integral Systems, Mr. Mark Schmitt, has some ideas regarding how companies may distinguish themselves from their competition in his article entitled Integrated Solutions: Improving Operations and Quality of Service.

Following ISIS NY ’07, I enjoyed a discussion with Mr. John Mattingly, the Vice President of Satellite Services for Mobile Satellite Ventures wherein we delved into all things related to his company’s moves into the future. If nanosats, microsats, minisats, litesats, or whatever moniker you wish to assign to the lighter weight space vehicles is of interest, be sure to read Ms. Janet Marsillo’s focus on a company deeply involved in this work, MicroSat.

The president of TMF Associates, Mr. Tim Farrar, examines the financial side of new mobile satellite services and what investors may wish to consider before committing to a presented MSS business model. Our featured satellite for this issue is Intelsat 11, built by Orbital Sciences Corporation.

We also obtain a rare peek inside the work of first responders and how ND Satcom provided the necessary equipment to ensure the most recent G8 Summit was fully prepared for any emergency situations, authored by Mr. Ulrich Kiebler, the Vice President of Government and Commercial for that firm. And there’s an in-depth look at the Unity 550-2 Enterprise Media Receiver, authored by Ms. Kamy Merithew and Gary Pelkey, both of WEGENER.

We welcome our regional editors and columnists who appear within these pages with their info-packed content. Ms. Tara Giunta offers helpful advice for those outside the U.S. thinking about investing in a satellite operation within the U.S.; Mr. Peter Galace, our Editor in Asia, offers a most interesting report on iPTV in Asia; Mr. Chris Forrester, European Editor, once again provides our readers with his terrific insight into the European environs, this time examining the halt of new channel launches by BskyB; and Mr. Martin Jarrold, the Chief of International Program Development for GVF, gives us a preview of the upcoming 3rd Annual West Africa Satellite Communications Summit to be held in Lagos.

The December issue of SatMagazine is our annual “Year In Review” issue. Great events were marked, new products galore, company moves, and all warranting coverage. Is there a momentous event you wish our readers to know about? What did you experience during the past year that you feel should be included in this review? Whether from a personal or a company perspective matters not… perhaps you have some thoughts as to how this year’s new products or discoveries will impact our industry next year and in the decades yet to come.

I would truly appreciate our readers sending an email to me to hartley@satnews.com expressing your thoughts regarding our industry’s high points during 2007. Many will be published. All will elicit thought. And that’s the purpose of any publication, to drive synapses to fire on all cylinders when considering what has occurred, why events occurred, and what such means for the future. Just think about the possibilities that reside ahead for the satcom and ancillary industries based upon the hard work and innovation of our involved companies. Simply astounding!

Hartley Lesser, Editorial Director