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The View From Globecomm
Year In Review
by Kenneth Miller, President, Globecomm Systems, Inc.

As far as 2008 is concerned, we see continued growth in the application of commercial satellite communications to meet government communication requirements. We also believe growth will be experienced in next generation broadcasting solutions aimed at providing video using the Internet Protocol, whether over fixed facilities such as Fiber to the Home or over mobile facilities such as video to mobile devices. We also expect continued growth in application of satellite communications in support of mobile networks that require more bandwidth for next generation services as well as coverage extension to remote areas. As content demands grow in a range of areas, we believe a little bit of satellite is going to go a long way to service the demand.

Over the past year, Globecomm Systems, Inc., continued to see strong demand for our satellite terminals and network services for government customers, strong demand for our broadcast engineering and implementation services as well as increasing demand for our mobile soft switch network engineering and hosted switch services.

In 2007, we designed and are continuing to fully implement an advanced Media Broadcast Center that will support current and next generation services, including IPTV and video to mobile devices. We also have designed and are implementing an advanced soft switch based mobile network to support both GSM and CDMA users. This network is the first major_network to leverage an advanced software-defined base station to support GSM and CDMA on a single platform.

Quotes from members of the Globecomm Systems’ executive / engineering team as to their thoughts on the past and coming year

“The past year saw significant growth in our government business as well as our service business. In the coming year we look forward to continued growth in these business areas and believe the demand for satellite communications infrastructure and services will remain robust to support growth."

Kenneth Miller is the President of Globecomm Systems and he said the company reported $150.7 million in revenue in its most recent fiscal year. That happens to be a company record; it represents a 20 percent growth rate over the prior year and a 74 percent increase over the $86.6 million reported five years earlier in FY 2002. He added that contributing to such strong growth was the May 2007 acquisition of the GlobalSat division of Lyman Brothers for $18.5 million in cash, which deepened Globecomm's penetration of the US Federal market for civilian and military applications. At the same time, Miller offered that Globecomm has entered the mobile solutions market with SatCell, a service providing IP-based mobile backhaul and hosted switching or low-density rural markets. He said the company is also moving into the top ranks of content management companies by designing, opening and helping to operate, at its corporate headquarters, a state-of-the-art program origination center for a premier cable network. He stated that these achievements have confirmed the company's unique ability to design, integrate, build and operate complex systems and services for government and military, communications service provider, enterprise and media & enterprise customers.