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Year In Review... Miteq

miteq_sm1210_l The start of this year held a lot of promise. The industry was waking up, projects were starting, and new confidence was evident. The reality was that caution remained in the back of people’s minds — now, the industry seems to be moving forward, but at a very calculated and deliberate pace. As a manufacturer of satellite communications hardware, this could be unnerving, but in reality it is prudent and allows for better planning for the future. It is evident that customers want more bandwidth, the satellite industry is intent on meeting that demand, and MITEQ is capable and ready to support these requirements.

There are opportunities in all economies, but not necessarily in all markets. MITEQ is a diverse microwave engineering and manufacturing company that operates 15 different departments in Hauppauge, New York, plus MCL Inc., a high power amplifier company in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Each is a world class supplier of microwave components and technologies for SATCOM, RADAR, missile guidance, reconnaissance systems, and commercial avionics systems. The depth of products for the satellite communications include Low Noise and High Power Microwave Amplifiers, Up- and Downlink Frequency Converters, Test Translators, Beacon Receivers, and virtually every microwave component between the modem and the antenna. Miteq listens to customers and offers cost-effective solutions that are not available from companies with less product depth.

miteq_sm1210_g1 MITEQ’s plan is to stick to the basics, reinforce our product lines, continue to provide value for customers, and continue to develop the technology that is, and will continue to be, in demand. In the past few years, MITEQ has strengthened its operation — organized manufacturing, realigned products, reinforced program management, and focused on engineering. This strengthened the organization and improved the Company’s ability to meet the increasingly tough demands and flexibility in products that are required by our customers. Numerous new products are continually added for the SATCOM market as well as the addition of many new microwave products to support military and space systems customers.

In 2010, Miteq introduced a number of new products: (1) Ka Band multi-band block up and down converters — (2) exotic slope and ripple equalizers to insure system compatibility with the latest wide modems — (3) 500 watt Ka-band high power amplifiers — (4) a number of Q-band products to support the next generation frequency spectrum.

miteq_sm1210_bio_2 In 2011, MITEQ expects to continue introducing new microwave products, improving current product offerings, and combining all of these products to offer customers a total, integrated, microwave solution. MITEQ’s high quality, innovative engineering, and customer service have enabled the Company to successfully navigate uncertainty in the economy and maintain our position as a source for the highest technology and quality products at affordable prices. By holding steady to these principles, Miteq expects to maintain its position as an innovative source customers can turn to, making their next generation products a reality.