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Editor’s Notes
What A Year! What A Group! What A Publication!
The satcom and ancillary business world must be congratulated. The past year, 2007, was replete with amazing missions, terrific hardware and software enhancements, advanced capabilities being offered to first responders and our military professionals to help them save lives and win missions… was it a momentous year?

Certainly one person cannot know all… hence our YEAR IN REVIEW issue of SatMagazine. We invited many of the industry’s leaders and most successful companies to write about their “wins” over the past year, as well as give our thousands of readers a hint… a peek… a prognostication… as to what events, advances and milestones are in store for us in 2008.

When a company survives the machinations of economic and political turmoil… no, when a company thrives and is successful, regardless of enveloping economic and political turmoil, they have earned the right to be heard. And the smart individual will pay attention and listen to what is being said, in hopes he or she will gain knowledge, in order to further their impact, their role in ensuring our businesses reach even higher goals.

Picocell? Is that an unauthorized peek at a new type of battery? Not certain? Dr. Axel Jahn, the CEO of TriaGnoSys, explains all you would like to know about this wireless communication system that is rather analogous to a Wi-Fi Access Point in his feature article, “The Power Of Picocells—Bringing Relief To The World Of Communications.”

Then we’re off into the examination of the past year through the expertise of leading companies and satcom experts. Being somewhat unorthodox myself, and listening to the suggestions from my SatNews cohorts, we held a “lottery” of the articles and selected them, one at a time, from a “virtual hat”… and that’s the order the stories now appear in our publication. We did not focus on any particular company just because they may already be a client… this was a random selection as far as final publication placement is concerned.

And what a combo of brainpower and talent we have for you… Columnist Chris Forrester examines the advances made in Europe over the past year — Tim Farrar of TMF Associates offers insight into the Mobile Satellite Service for 2007 — Columnist Michael Fleck of Global Vision brings his Asian and Enterprise markets expertise to all — and then we dive headlong into the companies…

—XipLink, Inc.—SSPI—iDirect—Comtech—ND SatCom—Intelsat General—Hughes—Harris—ViaSat—Bivio Networks— Space Data—
—Proactive Communications—PacStar—Iridium—Globecomm—Wegener—

We close the issue with a look at the upcoming PCT ’08 Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii (tough responsibility to have to attend this show) and we offer the 30th Anniversary of Eumetsat’s Meteosat, from research program to constellation.

We certainly hope you enjoy this rather beefy issue of SatMagazine and all of the important information contained herein for your complete edification and use. Please don’t forget our daily news offerings at www.satnews.com, and be certain to sign up for our weekly news with email distribution.

Exciting goodies from SatNews Publishers includes some terrific web work currently underway by our Creative Director, Simon, which will dramatically change the face of our online presence and also make access to our content far easier for everyone. Plus, we have a new publication, digiGO™—The World of Digital Content, Creation and Delivery, getting set to debut. Check our home page frequently as we move closer and closer to the fulfillment of hard work by our publishing group for updated announcements.

I personally, wish to thank every contributor to this magazine for their hard work in producing informative content of use to all readers. With the business of business driving most companies day in and day out, to take the time to write about accomplishments and what the future holds removes personnel from their milestone tasks. Believe me, all is sincerely appreciated.

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