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Year In Review... SatLink Communcications

satlink_sm1210_l In 2010, SatLink continued its leading role as an important global teleport gateway delivering content to every corner of the globe. The Company’s strategic geographically located facilities in the Middle East have significant reach throughout Europe, Asia and Africa to enable flexible transmission solutions offerings over multiple Satellite Platforms, Fiber and IP, in a worldwide network covering five continents.

SatLink once again achieved ranking among the World’s Top Twenty Independent teleports, and among the top 10 Fastest Growing Teleports, according to the World Teleport Association, the industry’s professional organization that publishes these lists. This is an honor to be recognized among the world’s top players in the teleport market and is a tribute to our team’s abilities to maximize infrastructure, products and relationships to deliver superior service to our customers and partners for long-term results.

satlink_sm1210_g1 During 2010, SatLink ably increased sales by providing value added services for channels, broadcasters, networks, IP providers, satellite operators, governments and other content providers to assist them in enlarging their reach around the globe. Once again, the amazing capabilities of the creative team of professionals enabled clients to meet (and often exceed) their business goals and find the right audiences to engage their businesses to new levels. One of the most recent additions made at SatLink was to upgrade the data infrastructure with a new network. The importance of this arm of the business, in conjunction with the Company’s satellite and broadcasting services, is growing as telecoms and satellite operators roll out new ventures to combine both content and data. With the new iDirect infrastructure, SatLink will have an excellent answer to any VNO or hub hosting needs and requirements.

HD was, once again, a star for SatLink. With a full set of 12 simultaneous HD streams, including encoding, decoding and multiplexing, the Company has become a major gateway for sports, news, and special occasional events. Broadcasting UEFA and Champions’ League soccer to Asia continued as well as a long-term agreement with Eurovision was signed to provide HD and SD turnaround services for contribution feeds to and from Asia. And SatLink led the world with the first live HD broadcast of underwater filming from the Red Sea. The addition of HD has been an excellent move for the firm and has added a layer of technologically advanced services.

satlink_sm1210_bio This year has been exciting for SatLink and all are positive that the global scope of the infrastructure, partnerships and ability to provide comprehensive satellite and fiber — and now data capabilities to networks, broadcasters, telecoms, IP providers and governments from around the globe — will successfully drive our business forward and into the future.