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Year In Review... Spacecom

spacecom_sm1210_l Spacecom moves forward on many different fronts during 2010, the most important being the move towards the long term goal of evolving into an emerging global satellite operator. This is the focus for the future, and 2011 and 2012 are filled with promise.

In 2010 we established our presence in Africa, with the positioning of the AMOS-5i satellite at 17 degrees East. This early entry into the market was decided upon to enhance pre-sales for the AMOS-5 satellite that is scheduled to launch in mid-2011. Indeed, this decision has helped cement into place significant pre-sales for the AMOS-5.

Also expanded was Spacecom’s DTH anchors on the AMOS platforms at 4 degrees West with a fourth DTH service. This means the high fill rate on our capacity is maintained. Plus, staffing at Spacecom was increased to push forward the AMOS-4 and AMOS-6 satellites projects that are, respectively, in construction and development stages.

Revenue-wise, the economic storms circling the globe have been weathered and revenues continue to increase. In 2009, revenue reached $70 million, a 35 percent increase over 2008, with this new level of sales maintained through 2010. Another revenue acceleration is expected following the planned Amos-5 launch in mid-2011.

2011 will be a busy year for Spacecom. The launch the AMOS-5 satellite is expected in mid-year to the orbital slot at 17 degrees East with operations to start soon thereafter. Right now, the Company is pressing forward in pre-selling capacity and looking forward to penetration in the African market. Spacecom is continuing development of the AMOS-4, scheduled for launch in 2013 for a slot above Asia, and further into the future with the AMOS-6 and AMOS-7 satellites. Spacecom is moving closer to becoming far more than a regional player — with these new satellites, such efforts will produce a Spacecom that is a global satellite operator with expanded coverages and capacities.

spacecom_sm1210_bio On an industry-wide note, the communications and entertainment sectors remain prime growth drivers. Putting them together, or seeing their interconnectivity, whether through content or data, is taking the Company into new directions. With HD and 3D technologies becoming more and more prevalent, satellites will assist these technologies to mature and move satellite content distribution into new markets. Additional business from those applications will likely be sooner than expected, and Spacecom AMOS satellites will be on-hand to further such developments.