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Year In Review... Advantech Wireless

advantech_sm1210_l Advantech Wireless, an ISO 9001: 2000 certified corporation, continues to offer leading-edge wireless broadband communications. Since 1988, Advantech manufactures and deploys networking solutions for broadband connectivity, broadcast solutions, and backhaul requirements, using satellite and terrestrial wireless communications. Products include: VSAT / DVB-RCS Hub & Terminals, SSPA’s, Block-up Converters, Frequency Converters, Satellite Modems, Antenna Controllers and Terrestrial Microwave Radios.

David Gelerman, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, reflects that, in 2010, Advantech Wireless Broadband benefitted from its increased Research and Development programs. “We brought to market new and more efficient SSPA technologies based on a line of GaN (Gallium Nitride) products. Being first to market quickly propelled us to a leadership position.”
Advantech Wireless Broadband’s line of GaN-based products exhibit increased power efficiency, reduced power dissipation, more linear amplitude response, increased MTBF and are available to support Ku and X bands.

On the VSAT product line, the Company has made significant deliveries: Agile Communications has delivered the Advantech DVB-RCS/S2 hub and remote terminals to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for in-theatre use and also selected the Advantech DVB-RCS/S2 hub, due to advanced features, redundancy, product performance, transec security capabilities, and open standards-based compliance.

Another major accomplishment for Advantech has been the program with a major Latin American telecommunications service provider, CANTV. With more than 600,000 Internet subscribers in Latin America, CANTV received delivery of an Advantech DVB-RCS/SCPC multi-Hub solution along with thousands of terminals. The HUB solution is capable of supporting over 18,000 remote terminals operating in TDMA/SCPC mode, supports quadruple play, TV, Internet, VoIP and GSM backhaul applications over satellite for remote locations, as well as maritime terminals — continued sales with this program are expected well into 2015.

In response to USCENTCOM for another DVB-RCS network to support increasing requirements for UAV video backhaul and dissemination from in theater operation, Advantech has been contracted through its US partner, Marshall Communications, for the design, supply and installation of an additional DVB-RCS Hub. This hub is similar to the previously delivered DVB-RCS hubs and will incorporate new features such as DVB-S2 technology which will allow increased bandwidth efficiency.

The new order from DISA includes equipment procurement as well as services from Advantech’s systems engineers and support staff. These services include system design, operators training, installation, Integration and various support activities.

The fully redundant Advantech DVB-S2/RCS Hub supports two outbound links operating at up to 135 Mbps each, and inbounds to the hub. This totals 120 Mbps based on Advantech technology. Advantech has also received an order for an undisclosed number of modems to be integrated and used for in-theatre operations.

The Allgon Transend product line made major advances in 2010, being part of the US FAA’s Next Generation Surveillance System. More accurate than radar, the system is used for air traffic control and separation of aircraft. Advantech’s Transend products have also been sold into major video surveillance and broadcast customers.

advantech_1210_bio Mr. Gelerman concluded, “We have consolidated our mergers and acquisitions to bring in all product lines under the Advantech Wireless brand. As one company, we are now perfectly positioned to expand our offering as key supplier of satellite communications equipment to world markets. In the coming year, we will be announcing major new initiatives and sales in the Military and Commercial communications markets. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Advantech Wireless!”

Mr. David Gelerman founded Advantech in 1988, serving initially as President and, since March 2006, as Chief Executive Officer. Prior to founding the Company, Mr. Gelerman has held various positions at Nortel Networks, including Manager of the Transmission Networks Division, where he managed and supervised teams which developed several key Point-to-Point (P2P) radio systems.