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Year In Review... CEtel

cetel_sm1210_l CETel Germany (Central European Telecom Services GmbH) is one of the leading providers of Teleport & Satellite Services worldwide. The company offers services from their European headquarters with their own teleport facilities in Germany, and their affiliated company CETel Middle East in the U.A.E. CETel’s strength is to provide satellite connections between worldwide facilities, offices, production platforms and oil and gas rigs for international industrial companies and governmental organisations. The provision of many services across the world demonstrates CETel’s reliable service and close collaboration with strong and trustful partners worldwide.

Looking back at 2010, CETel had an excellent year and significantly expanded its satellite portfolio with new Ku- and C-band satellites. At the start of 2010, CETel implemented new service on NSS-12 from SES WORLDSKIES, to serve the tremendous demand for satellite communication in the Middle East market. In addition, CETel complemented its portfolio with several transponders on the powerful C-band satellite Arabsat 5A that covers the entire African continent. This service allows CETel to further expand its business and to also reach new countries in southern Africa. (CETel can offer excellent coverage with its satellite portfolio that includes satellite services on the Arabsat fleet, SES WORLDSKIES, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Telesat and others. From its headquarter and teleport facilities, CETel can easily reach satellites located between 68 degrees West and 75 degrees East. This means CETel is able to provide its services to more than 100 countries.

In 2009, CETel celebrated the expansion of its business as well of its own teleport facilities in Germany (near Cologne/Bonn). Together with customers and business partners, the Company inaugurated the opening of 600m of new office space and additional technical facilities, as well as two new 9m antennas. CETel’s achievements were honored by the World Teleport Association (WTA) which ranked CETel as third in the category “Fastest growing Teleports in the World” of 2009. Evaluating the year-over-year revenue growth in the most recent fiscal years, CETel achieved an impressive growth rate of 62.81 percent.


“We are delighted about this award from the WTA and we are proud to be among the fastest growing teleports in the world. CETel and its team has been extraordinarily successful with its services, particularly for integrated end-to-end solutions and corporate networks based on state-of-the-art technologies“, said CETel’s Managing Director Martin Terlunen.

CETel’s philosophy is to further develop and enhance the business and to constantly increase efficiency to generate more profitability. One example is the launch of “FlexACM” technology from Newtec for a customer project in 2010. The implementation of FlexACM resulted in a significant increase of the data throughput in a given satellite segment while also guaranteeing 100 percent link availability.

“The installation of the Newtec infrastructure has been the culmination of our drive to deliver higher quality and greater efficiency in our services”, says Sergey Raber, Director of Operations at CETel. “With the implementation of FlexACM, CETel can now achieve far more with our bandwidth, and guarantee availability of the link under conditions that would otherwise have caused a service failure. This increased efficiency resulted in much greater profitability.”

CETel also broadened its teleport and hosting services and established a partnership with Nynex to expand its satellite IP network and introduce new broadband services onto the NSS-12 satellite. This partnership is a significant deal for CETel as it is a great combination of excellent teleport and satellite service with strong iDirect knowledge. The main target markets are telecoms, military institutions as well as maritime solutions requiring strong Ku-band coverage over the Middle East.

CETel is proud to partner with major players in the satellite industry and is looking forward to strengthening these partnerships and jointly serve the demand for satellite communication in order to follow demands of customers. CETel enjoys also a strategic partnership with Arabsat and is cooperating with all other major satellite operators, Telephone Network Carriers, leading TIER-1 IP backbone providers and Field Service Providers worldwide. CETel is able to offer End-To-End broadband communication solutions as a complete package.

cetel_sm1210_bio Looking into the future, CETel is confident in the Company’s ability to expand its business and to enlarge its customer base, all the while increasing revenues and broadening the service portfolio. The teleport infrastructure allows us to further extend our facilities and further satellites to serve the market worldwide. Extension of Company facilities and satellite access will be enhanced through current and future teleport capabilities. There will be a tight market due to the limitation of available space segment, at least during the first quarters of 2011. With the successful launches of additional new satellites, however, the shortage of satellite capacity within the international market should certainly be alleviated.