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2009 Editorial Calendar
for SatMagazine + MilsatMagazine

SatMagazine + MilsatMagazine are offered as online viewable magazines and also as downloadable “.pdf” versions — there is no charge for access. Some issues are also printed for distribution at various conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows, and they are so indicated in the list below. SatNews is our daily satcom, milsatcom, and ancillary businesses daily/weekly news site.

  • JANUARY SATMAG —Editorial Deadline: December 10 — Theme: The Microsatellite Market (Nanos, Picos, Minis, Micro)
  • JANUARY MILSATMAG — Editorial Deadline: December 10 — Theme: Intelligence/Surveillance (also UAV connection)
  • FEBRUARY SATMAG — Editorial Deadline: January 10 — Theme: The U.S. Satellite Market
  • MARCH SATMAG (PRINTED) — Editorial Deadline: February 10 — Theme: All Things Broadcast Related
  • MARCH MILSATMAG (PRINTED) — Editorial Deadline: February 12 — Theme: Advanced Military Communications
  • APRIL SATMAG — Editorial Deadline: March 10 — Theme: New Applications
  • MAY SATMAG — Editorial Deadline: April 5 — Theme: Imagery & Earth Observation
  • MAY MILSATMAG — Editorial Deadline: April 10 — Theme: New Technologies
  • JUNE SATMAG (PRINTED) — Editorial Deadline: May 11 — Theme: Asia + pan-Pacific Market
  • JULY/AUGUST SATMAG — Editorial Deadline: June 5 — Theme: MSS + Ground Stations | Teleports
  • JULY/AUGUST MILSATMAG — Editorial Deadline: June 10 — Theme: The Warfighter
  • SEPTEMBER SATMAG — Editorial Deadline: August 5 — Theme: European Markets
  • SEPTEMBER MILSATMAG — Editorial Deadline: August 10 — Theme: Military Satellites
  • OCTOBER SATMAG (PRINTED) — Editorial Deadline: September 12 — Theme: Satellite Launch Sector markets
  • NOVEMBER SATMAG — Editorial Deadline: October 5 — Theme: MENA + Latin American markets
  • NOVEMBER MILSATMAG (PRINTED) — Editorial Deadline: October 10 — Theme: COTS + Mobility
  • DECEMBER SATMAG — Editorial Deadline: November 10 — Theme: Year In Review
  • SatNews deadlines are daily by 2:00 p.m., California time

    digiGO! The Mobile Digital World
    FOR FEATURE ARTICLES: Editorial Deadline: Thursdays by 5:00 p.m. — Published: Friday afternoons online and in .pdf format
    FOR NEWS ITEMS: News items by 5:00 p.m. USA west coast time for same/next day publication
    Themes: mobile digital content, creation, delivery, development and business.

    Photos, diagrams, charts, illustrations are always favored to accompany content. Additionally, author biographies and author photos always add a terrific personalization to materials, so be certain to include whenever possible. Graphic requirements — “.psd”, “.tif”, and/or “.jpg” format - “.psd” preferred — minimum of 300 dpi –we publish a hard copy of the magazines during the year, and this requires a higher resolution for artwork (photos, diagrams, charts and so on). Regardless of final magazine format, a “.pdf” allows us to downscale to web resolution easily. If you wish to submit company and product news items for our daily and weekly SatNews & digiGO! news offerings, also send relevant artwork for inclusion. Thank you.

    Pattie Lesser, Editor