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Editors Notes
My firm belief as the editorial director of SatNews Publishers is that it is a highly worthwhile endeavor for SatMagazine, MilsatMagazine, SatNews, and digiGO! readers to become more familiar with those who help to “grow” our critically-needed products. I am in the unique position of being able to talk with many company leaders and decision makers and to derive insights from them regarding their companies, product lines and thoughts about their careers and work. Some may be your competitors, others your associates—all have a common goal… they strive to improve the products delivered to various clients who, in turn, offer services to millions of their customers. I will attempt to provide such Executive Spotlights and Product Perspectives in each issue. I hope you will find these conversations interesting and informative.

As is my norm, I am also requesting suggestions from our readers as to what topics they would wish to read in our publication in future issues. Is there a specific case study that you feel would be enlightening, or perhaps there’s a feature article you know would make for a superb read? If so, contact me and let me know and we’ll get onto that bandwagon immediately.

This issue of SatMagazine will be printed for distribution and is packed with interesting features. I wish to thank all of our columnists, authors, and interviewees for their time and assistance in helping to make SatMagazine the leading publication for satcom and ancillary business.

NEW PUBLICATION! Next month, digiGO!—The Digital World, debuts online. digiGO! news and feature articles will be contained within its own, dedicated website, rather than as an inclusion within SatNews daily. The editors and publishers are myself and an experienced team with more than 20 years of experience writing and editing magazines, newspapers, books and sites within the digital environs. Coverage will encompass all matters digital within the realms of businesses, content, creation, and delivery. We hope you’ll join us.

NEW PODCAST! Each week a new SatNews InfoCast featuring our constellation of the top stories of the past week will be available for your listening edification. With distribution via RSS and on our website, the podcast highlights the leading stories and offers an alternative method for you to remain “in the know”. www.satnews.com/infocast to access the latest broadcast. Thank you.

Hartley Lesser, Editorial Director,
SatNews Publishers