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Year In Review... International Datacasting

idc_sm1210_l This has been a significant year of opportunity and growth for International Datacasting Corporation, celebrating the 25th Anniversary as a global leader in providing IP-based datacasting solutions for the distribution of broadband multimedia content.

Building on the Company’s historical strengths, International Datacasting has achieved growth through expansion and acquisition. In 2010, the renowned Tiernan video and audio product lines were integrated into IDC, as well as the Logic Innovations group. With these strategic acquisitions comes technology innovation, particularly a stronger market breadth and depth in video, a solid global customer base, and a talented team of broadcast industry professionals.

IBC 2010 marked the debut of the new Tiernan Titan® product from IDC. Tiernan, the original leader in news and sports contribution, delivers a strong product portfolio designed to provide improved compression performance for HD transmissions in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 that result in a dramatic reduction in bandwidth usage. Applications include HD sports contribution, news contribution, ATSC, ISDB-T, DVB-T, and HD support.

This past year, IDC gained substantial traction and global recognition as a leader in the digital cinema and 3D-Live space. Digital cinema solutions provide a fully managed delivery service for media distribution clients. These systems power the delivery of feature-length films, movie trailers, and live alternative content such as sporting events, concerts, and theatrical exhibitions to cinemas equipped with the IDC’s satellite system.

Exciting examples of Company successes include the 3D-Live streaming of the 2010 FIFA World Cup sports event, which brought IDC global recognition. Further, key collaborations with Arqiva and the new Deluxe / Echostar joint venture have just been announced for the deployment of turn-key content delivery systems to distribute digital content via satellite to cinemas. IDC has reached a critical mass with digital cinema technology in Europe and North America, with inroads into Latin America. This success is a direct result of innovative approaches to solving the complex technical challenges associated with this type of unique network deployment. Further, working collaboratively with customers has put the Company well on its way to becoming the de facto standard in the rapidly evolving industry of digital cinema.

This past year, IDC continued to work with the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) for its Next Generation Interconnection System (NGIS). IDC is deploying video distribution infrastructure that includes DVB-S2/IP satellite transmission equipment as well as dual redundant advanced satellite receivers with custom expanded storage capabilities for PBS’ approximately 180 Public TV licensees.

Also being provided is the File Transfer System (FTS) — the backbone of the new PBS distribution network. The FTS will distribute high quality HD video programming in an innovative new file-based workflow. The FTS will interface seamlessly with other NGIS sub-systems to enhance efficiency and ease-of-use for the end-user station.


International Datacasting continues to offer innovative products and solutions for radio broadcast networks with our new STR product line — which is further enhanced by the recent PROFline integration in Europe. Featuring low symbol rate DVB-S/S2 front-end and G-bit IP, it is tailored for the mid-size and low cost radio distribution market. Also enhanced was the trusted SFX Pro-Audio family with high-end store and forward capabilities along with the FM product line that features a new redundancy switch for FM radio networks. The SFX Pro Audio Series is IDC’s professional DVB-S/S2 audio receiver with integrated Datacast XD and offers live IP audio decoding plus time shift audio file playout for advanced radio networks.

In the key radio market, IDC is working closely with National Public Radio (NPR) on a significant project to update and refurbish the Public Radio Satellite System® (PRSS®). The PRSS transmits programming to more than 800 public radio stations throughout the United States. NPR’s Distribution Division has managed system since the PRSS’ inception in 1979. IDC provided the infrastructure currently in use and will be updating and augmenting the system for advanced functionality for region-specific programming.

Also in 2010, employing our expertise in systems integration, International Datacasting did substantial work with The Wananchi Group for the development, build up, and roll-out of a new direct-to-home (DTH) broadcasting service that will provide television programming to the Sub-Saharan region of Africa. This work includes head-end equipment that will enable a satellite-to-set-top box distribution platform for the delivery of a secure broadcast system to homes throughout the subject region. The Wananchi Group is launching the first triple-play network in the region under the Zuku consumer brand which brings video, voice and data services to consumers in the area.

“IDC has a strong 25 year history of developing innovative products and solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the evolving broadcast market. Our products have always been regarded for their interoperability, consistency and reliability in real-time, real-life broadcast environments,” said Fred Godard, IDC President and CEO. “This year, we were proud to build on this reputation through introducing next generation end-to-end solutions to our diverse customer base in the areas of digital cinema, IPTV and radio networks, among others.“

idc_sm1210_bio Forging ahead into 2011, IDC will continue to focus on emerging trends in the industry to best address the dynamic needs of broadcasters, continuing to build on the Company’s global success in the areas of 3D-Live and digital cinema as well as working with broadcasters in developing new potential revenue opportunities. Further traction in Radio markets is expected as broadcasters invest in continued network upgrades. IDC will continue to invest in the areas of hybrid networks and management monitoring as key areas for customers and the expansion of the Professional Services business will bring IDC even closer to the customer.