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June 2023 Edition
APAC and Australasia Markets, Maritime, Airborne / IFC, Comms Equipment, Services, Cybersecurity, Space Exploration (Lunar, Mars)
InfoBeam I, Thuraya + eSAT Global • Rocket Lab • COSPAR • Market Statsville Group • Momentus • HawkEye 360 + Space Flight Laboratory • ClearSpace
SatCom News and Insights Compiled by the Editors
InfoBeam II, Inmarsat • Resolve Optics • Astranis • Sateliot • Kratos + Clearbox Systems • Rocket Lab • SpaceX + Arabsat
SatCom News and Insights Compiled by the Editors
The Rise Of Space-To-Ground Optical Comms — Accelerating Adoption, Laser communication
Laser communication is also known as Free Space Optics (FSO).
FOCUS: Datum Systems Airborne + In-Flight Connectivity, Lou Dubin, Vice President Development + Marketing, Datum Systems
By offering a high-quality, in-flight communications experience, airlines can differentiate themselves from their competitors
HAPs + Satellites For Mobile Connectivity—Is it different this time?, William Web, Chief Executive Officer, Access Partnership
Will it finally lead to a world where connectivity from the skies is routine for cellphone users?
The Space Economy Will Thrive On Informed Choices At The Propellant Pump, Jake Teufert, Chief Technology Officer, Benchmark Space Systems
Benchmark Space Systems is dedicated to exploring and developing thrusters and propulsion systems capable of running in-space missions on a variety of low-toxicity propellants.
A Klepsydra AI Demo— The Cloud DetecAon DNN, Isabel del Castillo, Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Klepsydra
Cloud detection is a crucial process in Earth Observation(EO)
Making On-Orbit Networking a Reality, ReOrbit
How will we serve the communication needs required for such ambitious space exploration plans?
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