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June 2021 Edition
APAC and Australasia Markets, Maritime, Airborne / IFC, Comms Equipment, Supports Services, Cyber Security
InfoBeam Part I, SpaceX • OneWeb • NanoAvionics • Satellite Vu • Dragonfly Aerospace
Information and News by the Editors
InfoBeam Part II, SpaceLink • Kleos Space • Ursa Space • Kymeta • Lynk Global • ICEYE • Viasat
Information and News by the Editors
InfoBeam Part III, Iridium • Dawn Aerospace • Gilat • New IOSC Director General
Information and News by the Editors
Forrester Report: Satellite Operators — 2021, Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist, SatNews Publishers
This year’s prospects remain rather grim.
Executive Spotlight: Luis Gomes, Chief Executive Officer, AAC Clyde Space
Luis joined AAC Clyde Space as CEO in 2019 to pursue the next revolution in the space industry.
Achieving Ubiquitous Connectivity with Next Generation SATCOM, Doreet Oren, Director, Product Marketing & Corporate Communications, Gilat Satellite Networks
The Elastic Era of Satellite Communication
Preserving The Space Environment...For Future Generations, Dr. Walter Scott, Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Maxar Technologies
Best Practices for Sustainability of Space Operations
Executive Spotlight: Austin Link, Co-Founder, Starfish Space
His particular focus has been on space system architecture, modeling, and operating under uncertainty.
Remote Network Maintenance: The Disruptive Ground Technology, Integrasys
Monitoring systems such as Controlsat enables highly efficient network monitoring from a home or other remote location.
We’re Polluting Our Future Home... Before We Even Live There, Author: Dr. Max Polyakov, Founder, Noosphere Ventures, Firefly Aerospace, EOS Data Analytics
Space is big. Really big. 
Executive Spotlight: Jeff Ransdell, Co-Founder, Fuel Venture Capital
Jeff Ransdell is a venture capitalist building a portfolio of exponential technology companies.
Shifting Sands of SATCOM Capacity Pricing, Carlos Placido, Senior Analyst, NSR
Supply-demand dynamics always influence capacity pricing.
Focus On... Kleos Space, “A productive start to 2021” Andy Bowyer, Kleos Space CEO
Our growing constellation increases the capability and value of our geospatial data products.
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