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December 2023 Edition
Open Theme + Year In Review
Atheras Analytics Year In Review, John Yates, Managing Director
The company celebrated the third anniversary of Atheras Analytics in 2023.
The Blake Brief: Overlapping Orbits, Curt Blake, Senior Columnist, and Peter Bratton, both of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
A timely examination of state and commercial contributions toward the goal of keeping space “clean”.
Calian, Advanced Technologies, Year In Review
A broad range of skills enables Calian to provide a complete ground solution to help customers meet their network deployment requirements.
The Forrester Report: A year of dramatic progress, but some worrying delays, Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist
The year has seen Dish announcing its merger with EchoStar.
Gilat Satellite Networks: Year In Review, Doreet Oren, Senior Director, Solution and Product Marketing
Since 1987, Gilat has been the “go to company” for satellite-based broadband communications.
Executive Spotlight: Matt Desch, Chief Executive Officer, Iridium Communications Inc
18th year as CEO.
A Conversation With Matt Shouppe, Chief Commercial Officer, Kayhan Space
Setting the rules of the road in space
State Of The Ground: It’s Now In The Cloud, What we learned from the AWS-Kratos OpenSpace demo
With the cloud they exist in perhaps the most flexible, distributed, on-demand compute environment there is.
Oasis Networks Year In Review, Nimrod Kapon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Oasis Networks
We have seen an ongoing, strong demand for VSAT networks within the majority of global regions.
Connectivity Solutions: The case for SATCOM, Jana Avdeeva, ReOrbit
About 3 billion people in the world could have access to mobile broadband (3G/4G) coverage.
Satcoms Innovation Group Year in Review — Collaboration Called-For, Helen Weedon, Managing Director
LEO has continued to expand at a previously unimaginable rate.
Space Data Association Year in Review, Joe Chan, Chairman
8600 active satellites, with more than 90% of these in LEO.
SSPI: Better Satellite World, The road to space... keeping it open
Everything we fly must operate perfectly.
STN Year in Review, Mitja Lovsin, CEO of STN Slovenia and COO of iKO Media Group, and David Treadway, Chairman of iKO Media Group
An undeniable momentum that captivated our attention.
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