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YIR: ASC Signal Corporation

2008: Back in January of 2008, the former Andrew Satellite Communications Group became ASC Signal Corporation, with the financial support and other corporate resources of Resilience Capital Partners. ASC Signal Corporation manufactures antennas and RF electronics for enterprise and consumer satellite communication applications. The Company’s product line of antennas range from 45 cm to 9.4 meters and feature solutions for the VSAT and Earth Station Antenna markets.

ASC Signal signed on a master distributor for all of their products in the Middle East and North African (MENA) markets. That distributor is MenaNets, based in Dubai and in Beirut. This partnership provides ASC Signal’s regionally based customers (broadcast, telecoms, oil, and other sectors) a logical solution for their satellite communication needs with a local point of contact and easy accessibility to the highest quality ASC Signal regional stock.

In addition, to address the Latin American market, ASC Signal also appointed Atlas Sistemas its distributor for satcom products in Brazil and Argentina. With this collaboration, ASC Signal is now positioned to service several growth opportunities in the data, voice, and broadcast regional markets. ASC Signal is aware the Atlas expertise in project integration processes will increase Company penetration in these areas, as satellite solutions are quicker and more cost effective to implement in this region.

In June, the new 4.6 Meter Trifold Transportable antenna with F-1 and E-2 Ka-band compliance debuted from the Company. Designed to meet a variety of regulatory standards, the antenna is designed for C- and Ku-bands, serves high-density data, voice, and communication networks, and uses the Trifold reflector.

In November, the Company relocated their Earth Station Antenna (ESA) engineering, customer support and product line management staff to a new facility in Plano, Texas. The new building features office and laboratory space that will be used for the company’s development of antennas, feed systems, antenna controllers, and earth station systems. In addition, at a nearby location, ASC Signal has a high performance antenna test and range facility that supports the testing and measurement of antennas from sub-meter to 10 meters in diameter, at frequencies from S- to Ka-band. In addition, the facility has capabilities to integrate TriFold antennas with positioners, trailers, control, and RF electronic equipment.

2009: Facing next year, with the Company already offering a presence in Chile, Perú, Colombia and Venezuela, they plan to extend their market coverage to Mexico and the Caribbean. Plus, expectations are high for their services in the Middle East and North African region, which is poised for dynamic growth next year due to an increasingly active market with a diverse economy. ASC Signal Corporation and MenaNets are now positioned to service the growing needs and expectations of this market, as demand for fast, deployable satellite communications increases.

About the company
ASC Signal has more than 70 years of experience in the design and manufacture of communications products. In addition to hardware, ASC Signal provides solutions-based services such as turnkey system design, engineering, installation test and maintenance, product integration and program management. Their customers include broadcast and telecommunications companies as well as government communications industries. The company’s global operations are strategically located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and other select regional locations.