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Re:Sources — MENA: Driving Deliverables From Content To Data
by David Hochner, CEO, SatLink Communications

HochnerHead As a leading provider of global satellite transmission services, SatLink Communications emphasizes global content distribution for television, radio and data channels over satellite, fiber and IP to every corner of the world. For the MENA market, the Company’s strategic location at the southeastern end of the Mediterranean Basin provides great flexibility to serve this crucial market.

From this position, SatLink is an excellent gateway for broadcast and data tranmission to and from Africa, Europe and Asia. SatLink customers include broadcasters, payTV and satellite operators, ISP providers, large communication enterprises and maritime - all are able to take advantage of a complete array of advanced solutions.

SatLink delivers content for those seeking to expand their business in this region of the world and in need of high quality delivery and hosting solutions — the Company perfectly meets their requirements. For data solutions, an iDirect hub has been installed to enable large corporations and satellite operators to enjoy VNO (Virtual Network Operator) services for their data operations.

International and African originated broadcasters wishing to deliver their TV channels to direct to home (DTH) viewers and payTV operators’ head ends throughout Africa use SatLink for transmission services, including playout facilities and content management as well as uplink and satellite capacity on the most popular broadcast satellites covering the continent. Today, SatLink delivers a mix of the most popular international TV channels to the continent including, among others, music videos and reality TV on MTV Base, Reuters’ video news feeds of the world and African news and events, South Asian and Bollywood entertainment from Doordarshan and the Israeli Network channel to reach Hebrew speakers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Soon, SatLink will operate a new MCPC (Multi-Channel Per Carrier) C-band platform for delivering TV broadcasts to Cable TV operators, IPTV and to Mobile head ends in Africa over the AMOS-5 satellite. This is an exciting opportunity for broadcasters as the Company is continuing the tradition of providing an exciting and vibrant broadcasting neighborhood. By sending multiple channel signals over an MCPC platform on this satellite, popular broadcast neighborhoods are given birth to bring more exposure for TV channels among African payTV operators. AMOS-5’s C-band will bring customers Pan African coverage while minimizing the effects of rain or other geographic and atmospheric challenges that are quite prevalent in Africa.

HochnerFig1 In addition, SatLink has also been selected by Spacecom to be the prime provider of satellite engineering services, including TT&C (Telemetry Tracking & Commanding) and IOT (In Orbit Testing), among others, for the AMOS-5 satellite. The Company is one of few independent teleports to be entrusted by satellite owners and operators to perform mission critical control services for their satellites. The most popular satellite engineering services the company conducts are the aforementioned TT&C and IOT services as well as CSM services, E.I.R.P. Measurements, Hosting GEO Location Services and turnkey projects. SatLink provides these services to SES, AsiaSat, AMOS and others. For instance, the Company provides TT&C services for SES’ NSS6 at 95 degrees East and have also conducted satellite drifting and TT&C services for Spacecom and other Asian based satellite operators.

The data market is also an exciting market segment in Africa for SatLink. A wide range of data-centric services are provided to satellite owners, governments, ISPs, telecoms, large enterprises, and to other teleports requiring SatLink’s strategic location as a gateway to and from Africa and the massive teleport infrastructure offered.

SatLink’s technologies and advanced equipment allow for the deliverery of HD, 3D and SD sports, news and special events, to consumers around the world. Strategically located infrastructure and access to more than 100 Earth stations enable mass downlink and aggregation of channels for IPTV and payTV operators. With more than 100 OU feeds going through the facilities on a daily basis, 365 days a year, SatLink’s OU division is a prime transmission provider for sporting events, breaking news, cultural celebrations, and other newsworthy broadcasts. Due to these capabilities, the teleport it the preferred teleport of choice for the transmission of OU feeds. The incorporation of cutting edge technology, such as high definition (HD) DVB-S2 feeds, in combination with a highly skilled technical staff, provides an advantage for broadcasters and operators seeking to enhance their global distribution networks throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

To ensure SatLink provides smarter advanced technologies, the creative teams are always being pushed to respond with the highest quality solutions possible. Recently, the Company teamed with Novelsat, a high-end manufacturer and developer of the NS3 3G-Sat modulation technology, to test and use their bandwidth efficiency format. Using their new NS3 technology we found that it increased bandwidth efficiency — over DVB-S2 — by 28 to 50 percent, depending upon the transponder size.

Incorporating advanced technologies will enable SatLink to maintain and exceed operations goals in MENA, as well throughout the world. The Company looks forward to remaining in the forefront of technological advancements that lead to improved business operations and client satisfaction.