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The Kazakhstan Train Connection — All Aboard!

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meter antenna aimed at NSS-6, fiber-optic backhaul, a robust telephone network plus a 0.5 meter dish and Wi-Fi network on the train, Astel had the platform in place for the reliable service delivery.

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Early tests revealed the downloading of web content and access to the Internet and email services were consistently good, as long as the duration of satellite NLOS (non line-of-sight) remained under 18 seconds. The 12-hour commuter route never posed NLOS issues. Likewise, the VoIP telephony works from start to finish and provided higher quality phone service over GSM. The first train offering the new, free services rolled out of the station in August 2009. Response has been positive, usage rates increasing and expansion plans already in the making.

A Moving Success
“By delivering connectivity to one of the busiest and longest commuter routes in Kazakhstan, Astel is contributing to the country’s business productivity in ways not possible before,” said Scott Sprague, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at SES WORLD SKIES. “We’re honored that SES WORLD SKIES’ knowhow and satellite capacity is making Astel’s vision and ambition a historic reality for The National Railway Company and its passengers.”

“It was absolutely essential that we develop accurate transmission parameters. That was certainly one of the biggest challenges facing the engineering teams,” explained Astel’s Breusov, noting Transtelecom played a vital role in the rollout. “Astel and SES WORLD SKIES technicians collaborated to calculate the optimal satellite link necessary for the reliability and quality service levels behind the National Railway Company’s successful launch.”

The pilot phase of Kazakhstan’s first connected commuter rail “has exceeded all expectations,” Breusov said of the emerging service. “The NSS-6 satellite provides the best coverage over Kazakhstan and SES WORLD SKIES has the local, Russian-speaking staff capable of solving our challenges on the fly with knowledgeable and effective solutions,” Breusov added.

More National Railway trains will be equipped early next year, as the service goes commercial aimed at keeping thousands more commuters in touch on the go.

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