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UPLINK: Reflections + Projections
by Hartley Lesser, Editorial Director, SatNews Publishers

While this past year generally was a pleasant experience for our industry, next year may find the experience more challenging. Insulation from the economic woes currently stressing governments and citizens alike will be sought. Cocooning will occur, as less and less disposable income is available for extracurricular activities. People will want and demand more and more in the way of home-based entertainment — offerings highly reliant upon satellite delivery. IPTV, DTV, Mobile TV, radio, web — all are big players with satellite connectivity needs. Mix in the variety of support companies involved, from teleports to DVB-S2 technology suppliers to broadcasters to equipment manufacturers, and there is good cause to remain optimistic about business prospects for 2009. The global aspects of our environs are also something to be optimistic about, as leading technologies are implemented in regions of the world heretofore isolated from satellite connectivity. Growth in the African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Pan-Pacific and Latin American markets will continue to forge forward — the need to know and to communicate is driving firms to supply what the customer wants at affordable price points.

This issue provides readers the expertise of those knowledgeable in specific subject matters within a broad range of disciplines and companies. These fine folk have succeeded in our business realms and they review what occurred to their companies during 2008, what they believe will transpire in 2009, and how their companies are fairing as we approach the New Year.

I thank all for their time and efforts in producing their analysis, which, I hope, will realistically encourage readers. These “reports” are offered in alphabetical order so as to not imply any favoritism. Each company has their own presentation wherein they discuss their performance over the past year, what they feel should be noted for 2009, and their product plans. In fact, there are so many companies and subject-matter experts involved, the individual commentaries would not all fit within the publication. We’ll offer the first portions of their offerings, which you may then completely read at the SatMagazine website via the include article link. If these fine folk sound enthusiastic, why shouldn’t they? They are proud of their company’s accomplishments and what is hoped wil be gained in 2009. Extremely interesting reads, all!

Also in UPLINK is an op-ed from Space Foundation’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Elliot Pulham. The op-ed is entitled “The Top 10 Reasons 2008 Was Great In Space”, a highly interesting read. Enjoy the magazine, relish the expertise, and for a complete rundown on satcom and milsatcom news every day, I recommend you access SatNews. If you have company news or new product info, be certain to send that material directly to me for immediate attention.

As far as 2009 is concerned, worry does little more than adversely affect your health and shorten your life span.. Look for the positive, drink in the sunshine, and don’t forget what little known lithographer Herm Albright once said in the early 1900’s — “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

Hartley Lesser, Editorial Director, SatNews Publishers