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“Extreme Service” in the Satellite Industry: An IsoTropic Networks Perspective
by Hank Zbierski, Chief Catalyst and Co-Founder, IsoTropic Networks


IsoTropic Networks is a category-of-one provider in the VSAT market, servicing diverse industries such as enterprise, maritime, oil and gas, and SCADA.

The company faces the same challenge as any service provider in this age of rapid industry growth: to deliver higher network performance and compelling new services, all the while lowering operating costs in order to pass the savings on to the firm’s end customers.

Today, the company believes there is a measure of success that’s more critical than ever — “extreme service” — and this means a lightning-fast response to customer needs.

IsoTropic possesses 25 years of providing hyper-responsive service and now embraces the latest iDirect technology, from high throughput remotes to the next generation DVB-S2X, to stay on the cutting edge of the satellite communications (SATCOM) industry. Extreme service matters and smaller, more agile service providers have an enduring advantage in SATCOM market segments.

Jump to Serve
There’s a lot of talk about network speeds; however, there’s also no room for latency or downtime when it comes to helping the firm’s customers maintain their service. Every connection is mission critical.

At IsoTropic, there’s no bureaucratic red tape to prevent the firm from addressing customers’ needs within minutes. Thanks to the company’s fleet of aircraft, a problem can be discovered in the morning and an onsite fix can occur that same afternoon.

Owners of the Relationship
Treating every account as the most important account may sound impossible, but that is the only way to ensure the best service out there is being delivered. The company gets to know and understand the customers’ businesses in order for the most creative and proactive solutions to be rapidly delivered.

No-Questions-Asked Connectivity
IsoTropic clients want more for less. Internet connectivity is now considered a right, not just a service. The company needed to futureproof the network to the point where the company’s systems and infrastructure operate with reduced complexity as well as meet the technical and pricing challenges of clients.

The questions of “how much” or “how fast” or “how long” should never be an issue in today’s realities  when providing  communications — that’s why IsoTropic constantly improves the services and knowledge to respond to this unflagging connectivity demand.

Drive Down Cost
Total cost of ownership is one of the largest barriers to growth for satellite service operators. This currently is being widely addressed through the universal shift from hardware to software-based solutions to save on infrastructure investment and lag time between stages of development.

Selecting flexible technology does more than improve service for customers — leveraging HTS and DVB-S2X is a top priority to keep the firm a step ahead of competitors and to be ready for future technology standards.

Integrate Quickly with Newest Technologies
Satellite service providers stand the best chance to earn the role of communications provider if they make the correct technology upgrades now. The core of these investments should be in bandwidth escalation and diversity to support real-time, data-intensive applications across satellite’s growing and differentiating customer base.

The service providers that can provide customers the best network performance possible, with the most responsive service possible and always be ready to adopt the latest technology, will be the ones to stay on the front lines of new market opportunities.

Doubling Down on the Future
At IsoTropic, the firm invests in the next generation of technology and in the team. When the time arrives for my wife, Lynn, and me to step aside from the business, the plan is to pass the business down to our daughter and son, Melissa and Ryan. They represent the next growth phase of what IsoTropic is able to offer and they possess new ideas and a dedication to service that they learned as they grew up with the company.

As this family continues to bring customers this forward-looking level of service, IsoTropic is also partnering with iDirect on a technology upgrade from Evolution® to the iDirect Velocity® platform. We have worked with iDirect for more than 20 years and that company is delivering service providers with high-performance technology and a new cost model for building out networks in a highly cost-effective manner.

All of the company’s Evolution-only line cards are being upgraded to Universal Line Cards that can run both Evolution and iDirect Velocity Networks, as well as support the new iDirect iQ series remotes.

The satellite communications industry is growing rapidly and iDirect provides an easy migration to their iDirect Velocity platform with advanced capabilities to leverage HTS and DVB-S2X for the lowest total cost of ownership and highest level of customer service.

With iDirect’s next generation technology, IsoTropic will be able to increase the ability to serve live, complex communications across a growing client base. This upgrade will provide the infrastructure foundation necessary to launch IsoTropic’s next generation of services and give the company the ability to prepare for future customer requirements.

This business has become a trusted presence in the satellite industry, which is the reason iDirect was selected — great design, time-honored quality is obtained as well as a good, firm handshake from iDirect — which is exactly what IsoTropic strives to give its customers, every day and every minute.



Hank Zbierski is Chief Catalyst and co-founder of IsoTropic Networks, a global satellite communications provider. For more than 25 years, Hank has used his methodical, natural intuition and perception to craft incredibly effective satellite communications solutions for the financial, utility, retail and corporate continuity markets.

An accomplished aviator, Hank is constantly striving to set time/distance speed records while flying to a customer site. A lover of animals (large or small), he especially enjoys his multiple personality German Shepherd, Cybil.