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Product Uplink — Determined Decoding

sencore atlas sm mar10

The SENCORE Atlas professional multi-format modular receiver decoder (MRD) is installed by more broadcast, cable, satellite, and telco providers than any other. The Atlas MRD combines dual-channel processing capability with MPEG-2, MPEG-4, 4:2:0, 4:2:2, SD, and HD video decoding, resulting in reliable support for a wide variety of contribution, distribution, or backhaul environments.

The newest generation of the SENCORE Atlas MRD line is the Atlas 3187B, which features SCTE-35-104 message conversion for commercial insertion applications; DVB-Common Interface for conditional access decryption; multiservice descrambling; and advanced DVB-S2 capabilities such as 16ASPK and VCM support.

The Atlas 3187B can support one or two decoders, which can be configured to decode two separate channels or to process a single channel twice, providing an HD and SD output simultaneously from an HD source. This MRD also features dual DVB-CI slots and embedded BISS 1&E support, which provides decryption for multiple programs and assures system compatibility.

Versatile, functional, and future-proof, the Atlas 3187B is the most cost-effective solution in its class. The Atlas 3187B allows content providers to successfully receive satellite feeds from sources such as OB newsgathering trucks and field reports, and its award-winning system architecture makes it easy for operators to upgrade or expand hardware and software in the field, and often while still in the rack.

In comparison with competing integrated receiver decoders, the Atlas 3187B seamlessly interfaces with operators’ existing legacy systems to support a wide variety of system architectures and provide precisely the functionality required today, as well as a sensible upgrade path for the future.