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Future Look: ND SATCOM
ND SATCOM editorial team

The war in Ukraine, with its global impact, was reverberating across the world in 2022. The pandemic was also still present, although government regulations and health measures have been modified, step by step.

The enormous degree of flexibility, agility and commitment required in these circumstances defined those companies that will make it through these times with an improved bottom line.

ND SATCOM is certainly among those firms. The company’s stable leadership prevails as the the path of investing in new technologies and new market opportunities are diligently pursued.

In 2022, ND SATCOM launched a variety of innovative products that exceeded customer expectations and extended its outstanding SKYWAN 5G solution for providing secure communications to military and governmental customers as well as for others.

In order to reach existing and new customers worldwide, ND SATCOM uses new communication channels via social media and its own interactive platform, securely hosting live meetings, demos, and trainings.

Fostering Stability + Growth

In 2022, ND SATCOM’s sales volume developed positively and far exceeded the planned revenues, with the defence market a strong driver.

This year, growth will again be sustained by the successful installation of SKYWAN 5G solution across multiple government customers worldwide as the core component within most projects.

The human factor is a key component of this performance. The outstanding experience and engagement of the entire team reflects the brand quality and reliability that customers expect.

Expansion Of The Solutions Portfolio + Products

At the German AFCEA conference in Bonn in May of 2022, ND SATCOM presented the Multi-band FlyAway Terminal (MFT) family.

One advantage that sets this new terminal apart from others is its operational wind resistance: this terminal can withstand and function in extremely high wind speeds and during severe storms.

Customers value the proven high reliability and security that SKYWAN offers and has proven time and time again. In 2023, the MFT family will be expanded by launching an automated version that will include auto-pointing functionality.

Based on customer feedback, this will decide whether further variants will be implemented.

The evolution of ND SATCOM’s flagship product, the SKYWAN 5G modem, was, of course, one of the main tasks of the R&D team in 2022 and will also hold true this year.

An updated and enhanced version of its software was released at the end of 2022 that included the support of X.509 certificates, which is a major step in completing the SYKWAN feature set for providing transmission security (TRANSEC).This path will be continued in 2023 in order to maintain SKYWAN’s top position in the market of secure satellite communications (SATCOM).

During the last few years, ND SATCOM’s portfolio for broadcast customers has been continuously modernized and expanded: starting with the HPA 4-series and the new RCU 6000 controllers, the next generation of uplink components has been successfully launched to continue ND SATCOM’s long and ongoing success story of uplink devices. Finally, the next generation of antenna control units — the ACU 6000 — will be ready and launched in 2023 to complete the portfolio.

Developed, designed and assembled by ND SATCOM, the SKYRAY antenna family will also receive an update by launching the SKYRAY 2000 antenna: using the latest developments in material science, refining the design and deploying an enlarged antenna size of 2000 mm instead of 1900 mm, will improve both the usability and the technical characteristics of this product.

Major Projects For 2023

With its unique turn-key solutions, ND SATCOM provides secure, resilient and high-performance SATCOM to customers.

In 2023, a project will be rolled out for the police and the disaster management of the German Federal State of Niedersachsen in order to make them independent of any terrestrial infrastructure, especially when scenarios such as flood, fire or power outage occur.

In addition, more and more armed forces, especially in Eastern Europe, will receive additional terminals using the SKYWAN technology.

Another highlight in 2023 will certainly be ND SATCOM’s unique SATCOM solution for helicopters. After successful demonstration in 2022, this technology will be deployed to the first choppers in 2023.

Customers value the ease of use on any type of helicopters without any special calibration procedure — the solution achieves a throughput of as much as 10 MBit/s, with only one antenna being deployed to the helicopter.

Staying In Touch

Face-to-face meetings and trade shows became possible again in 2022 and will continue to be an important part of 2023 as well — whether it’s the SATELLITE show in Washington D.C., the MSPO in Poland or the IBC in Amsterdam.

With more trade shows and travel possible once again, ND SATCOM will strengthen existing relationships with customers and partners — and build new ones — by leveraging the company’s global network of offices and partners.

A special event will take place again in 2023 – the ND SATCOM in-house exhibition “NDS Factory Event” at the headquarters in Immenstaad, located at the Lake Constance in southern Germany.

We look forward to welcoming our customers and partners — and we look forward to installing product reliability in 2023 and beyond.