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A Case In Point: M&C In Myanmar
by Dragana Lazic-Mijanovic, Operations Manager, Intorel Sarl

Intorel Sarl, based in Luxembourg, has proven how much can be accomplished in a mere four days with the proper planning, testing, and more testing, all while working closely with the client.

IntorelFig1 Myanmar’s Ministry of Telecommunications was seeking a fast and reliable installation of their uplink Monitoring and Control (M&C) system for their Earth station based in Tanyin. The company learned that Visionic, by Intorel, met their criteria: The application could encompass the entire system, from input to output, and provide secure, uninterrupted signals.

Visionic 5 Professional, which was installed on the Tanyin Uplink station, is an industry standard with a vast library of device drivers that have been assembled over the past 12 years.

Myanmar’s Ministry of Telecommunications sent the station’s hardware schematics one month before the project was to start. Everything was prepared ahead of time in Intorel’s Luxembourg office—a team of Intorel’s engineers was able to test the device drivers to ensure total viability prior to installation. The equipment required for the uplink station in Tanyin was procured locally.

IntorelFig2 Intorel’s local partner, Anat Bongsudhiruks from Anatron, organized and secured the timely procurement of all of the necessary equipment prior to the arrival of the Intorel Sarl team from Luxembourg. A real plus was in obtaining the equipment locally. Such helped to prevent any transport and customs issues that could have been related to equipment importation.

A demo version of the system was already working and tested in Luxembourg, so the first phase upon arrival of the Intorel team in Myanmar was to start cabling and connecting the equipment to the server. Engineers from Myanmar’s Ministry of Telecommunications also had an active role in the process of the installation and connection of the system, in order to be up-to-date themselves with the set-up process.

Advising and informing clients on the process of installation, as well as training them so they will know how to fix any issue themselves, has been proven to be one of the as best ways to ensure a trusting client / provider relationship. In this manner, engineers from Myanmar’s Ministry of Telecommunications would understand how everything was installed and connected. If any issues arose, they would know how to sort it out themselves.

After the server installation and the remaining connections were completed, the Intorel team tested all facets to make certain the server communicated with the other equipment. The next phase was to provide training for the Myanmar’s engineers.

Over the course of training, Intorel introduced its flagship product—Visionic Professional—which is now fully installed on the uplink station in Tanyin. Visionic 5 Professional is based on a simple idea, that being, a well-engineered and conceived drawing is composited by the software and is then compiled into the standalone, client-server solution.

A sophisticated GUI, based on Microsoft Visio®, contains libraries with hundreds of devices that allow the user to simply “drag and drop” selected elements into the system design. The has been carefully tailored to suit most customers’ unique needs and has also been designed with the knowledgeable assistance of hundreds of network engineers. A single screen view integrates all of the systems for viewing. From this point forward, users can connect and operate remote or in-house equipment in any way that can possibly be imagined.

Visionic is based on familiar concepts and does not require any prior programming experience. The software offers a unique user experience and considerably reduces training time and user effort.

The main reason for hundreds of satisfied customers around the word is Intorel’s dedication in providing customers with the most reliable, user-tailored and comprehensive monitoring and control solution available, regardless of any client’s unique requirements.