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Focus... A Case Of Terminal Innovation
David Geen

From its rich heritage, Skyware Global is a new and dynamic player in the SATCOM space, offering OutDoor Unit (ODU) terminal equipment for Direct-To-Home (DTH), Consumer Broadband, and Enterprise VSAT applications in new ways that begin to bridge the digital divide between those with high speed cable/fibre/dsl access — and those without such access.

With advances in the sophistication and stability of satellite technology in recent years, and the resulting reduction in the cost of delivering each megabyte, the role of satellite in the global communications infrastructure is ever more significant, not just for developing nations, but also in rural areas of the Western world where digging trenches for land lines is not economically viable for telecom incumbents.

Existing technology, however, means the high cost of current terminals is a barrier to entry for consumers and, therefore, a potential barrier to the roll out of broadband networks on satellite platforms. The hardware is expensive and the total cost of ownership, including the cost of installation, is too high.

david_mccourt_sm0910 With the formation of Skyware Global, telecommunications visionary David C. McCourt is playing his part in advancing the satellite evolution through the provision of next generation ODU terminal equipment that satisfies the future requirements of system providers around the world. The bringing together of both antenna and electronics technologies under one umbrella, together with a commitment to company innovation through R&D investment, means Skyware Global is in a unique position to provide low cost communications terminals that enable high speed Internet connectivity via satellite everywhere — independent of telephone and cable availability —thereby ensuring satellite takes its rightful place at the global telecoms table.

To exploit the cost effective bandwidth becoming available on nexgen satellites, Skyware Global is now developing a range of terminals for operation at Ka-band (20/30GHz). Having the capability to adopt a holistic approach, and by developing a complete integrated terminal where the antenna and electronics are designed as one rather than as discrete components, ensures a compact, high performance and overall low cost package. This is made possible by building on extensive technology experience, solutions, and components used in mass-manufactured, low-cost, satellite receivers. This knowledge is then applied to new high frequency solutions and integrating them with innovative, low-cost antenna designs that are simple to install. In this way, the total cost can be greatly reduced and the barrier to entry for consumers can be eliminated — this opens the way for satellite to bridge the digital divide.

System providers continue to request assistance in the continuing battle to reduce costs. The traditional focus of trying to reduce discrete piece-part costs is no longer sufficient to satisfy the business case for upcoming networks. Through its approach, Skyware Global is in a position to meet such a challenge with effective solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership for all its customers.

Product Bundling
With a broad product portfolio and ability to offer electronics and antennas as bundled packages to its customers, Skyware Global can boast of both cost and performance advantages. By offering complete ODU solutions, Skyware Global products can reduce time, cost, and potential errors in the field. Pre-assembling and testing of components in a controlled environment can be considerably more efficient than assembling disparate components on site. Plus, a single shipping location assures that all needed parts arrive together.

Product Where You Need It
Antennas, by their very nature, are often large and bulky — the antenna design does not obey Moore’s law (which states, as applied to electronics equipment, component size will halve every 18 months.) This means there is a continual need for suppliers to seek practical ways to have product available where and when their customers need it.
  1. Stocking/distributors — Skyware Global maintains a worldwide network of distributors who mirror Skyware Global’s own commitment to quality and service. Skyware Global distributors are carefully selected to ensure that they operate according to the highest standards and offer value-added services to our customers. These distributors provide additional stocking options in other regions such as Africa, Middle East, Australia, and Russia.

  2. Manufacturing locations — Skyware Global, with manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia is able to provide product cost effectively where the need arises.

  3. Product support — In addition to extensive support functions in the US and UK, Skyware Global have recently launched their Asian Division — a division which will provide technical support and consultancy for the company’s products and services. This represents another step to ensure that the potential of satellite communications can be fully exploited around the world.

Overall Cost Of Ownership
Often, the emphasis is on the need to reduce the piece-part price to satisfy the buyers in a particular organisation. However, there is increasing recognition that dialog between the buyers, engineers and logistics teams on both sides can quickly lead to the conclusion that greater savings can be obtained by examining the bigger picture. Skyware Global recognises this and consequently digs deeper into its customer’s logistics chains in an effort to find ways to deliver its product more effectively.

Product Line
The extensive range of Skyware Global products include consumer broadband equipment providing connectivity to customers for Internet access, complete VSAT Outdoor Units (antennas, electronics, and installation mounts) for virtual private networks and rural telecommunications, and DTH antennas and electronics for home satellite television entertainment systems.

 2.84_cm_sm0910 Skyware Global offers breakthrough designs in the development of VSAT electronics. Their Ku-band transceiver products combine the LNB, BUC, OMT and TRF into a single, lightweight, water-tight housing. With a simple click of a switch, these transceivers are compatible with multiple receive frequencies. A switchable frequency PLL LNB built into the housing eliminates the need to stock a variety LNBs in multiple frequencies. In addition, these electronics are compatible with all known L-band interface modems. Custom adapters provided with each transceiver allow the transceiver to attach to any antenna system. SG also offers a full line of DTH electronics as well as Ku- BUC and LNB products.

The company specializes in turn-key and OEM design of high volume, DTH ODU’s, tailored for any requirement. These DTH outdoor unit solutions include antennas, electronics, and installation mounts for multi-satellite and multi-band (Ku- and Ka- frequencies) applications to be used in the reception of satellite television and broadcast data. Also offered is a complete line of receive-transmit VSAT antennas and receive-only commercial quality antennas, in sizes from 42cm to 2.4 meters. These antennas are available with a variety of C- and Ku-band feed configurations Type approved models are available for Intelsat, Eutelsat, AsiaSat and many other international satellite platforms. Installation accessories include non-penetrating roof mounts, wall-roof mounts, king-post mounts, feed accessories, electronics and anti-icing.

Skyware Global is also driving innovation in the satellite broadband terminal equipment market, offering high quality antenna systems for transmission and reception of satellite signals in the emerging Ka-band. Sizes range from 66 to 98cm. Their specialized, custom designs have helped some of the largest companies in satellite broadband grow their service offering with the highest quality, cost-effective solutions.

In addition to hardware, Skyware Global provides solutions-based services such as turn-key design, engineering, product integration, and program management as well as a variety of value-added services such as RF testing, fulfillment, and logistics.
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