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Focus... An Asian Gateway: The SatLink Solution
author: David Hochner, CEO, Satlink Communications

SatLink Communication is a leading gateway to and from the Asian market for broadcasters, networks, cable groups and news groups. Strategically located in the Middle East, the global satellite communications services provider geographically straddles satellite orbits and world-wide fiber networks enabling it to offer services and platforms to and from Asia.

In this vibrant industry, news service organizations, satellite owners, networks, broadcasters and governments trust SatLink for reliable high service, creative technical solutions, as well as comprehensive satellite and fiber capabilities. Asia is a market that has proven exceptionally robust for the company.

SatLink provides tailor made transmission solutions for Global Content Distribution with advanced teleport facilities and fiber networks. Numbered within the Top 20 Independent Teleports by the World Teleport Association, the company offers access to a worldwide network covering five continents and supplies flexible transmission solutions over multiple satellite platforms, fiber and IP. In fact, AsiaSat, SES WORLD SKIES, and Hellas Sat have all designated SatLink their official Middle East portal of choice for carrying content between Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Satellite Platform Strategy
avl ad sm 0610 The company’s space presence is based on the creation and marketing of various MCPCs (Multiple Channels Per Carrier) platforms. Connecting the ground station to leading satellites around the globe and a worldwide fiber network, full service solutions are brought together for Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) broadcasters, networks, operators, and telecoms who are seeking to connect far-flung audiences or to open new markets.

In the Asia-Pacific market, SatLink operates two full digital transponder MCPC platforms on Asia’s premium satellite AsiaSat 5. At 100.5 degrees East, this satellite’s C-band beam reaches China, India, Indonesia, and all the way to Australia and New Zealand and other mass markets. SatLink also has working agreements with Measat-3/3A, Thaicom-5, NSS-6, ABS and other birds in the sky. For Asian networks moving into Europe, North America, and Africa, SatLink’s end-to-end services include playout facilities and access to additional MCPC resources on popular Direct to Home (DTH) satellites such as Hot Bird, Galaxy 19, and Sirius 4 (Astra 4).

The global fiber network connects Europe, North America, and Asia via an ATM fully redundant optic fiber network that reaches from Australia to Hong Kong and Singapore to Europe and the Mediterranean and to the Americas.

SatLink has recently been appointed the Global Distribution Provider for one of the major worldwide news networks. Client’s services will be transmitted through a combination of satellites backed up by a worldwide fiber network. The client will use a full range of transmission and distribution services for distributing their content around the globe. SatLink will cover the world by providing transmissions via a multi-satellite structure and a global fiber network for redundancy as well as to reach other regions using unique technical and professional expertise to provide an edge in fulfilling highly demanding requirements for service distribution.

New Tech Strategies
SatLink is dedicated to being at the forefront of technology. Such is certainly the case with HD and 3DTV, having experience with both technologies. 3DTV transmission tests have been ongoing and these are nearly ready to launch as the company remains one step ahead of demand.

SatLink’s robust HD transmission capabilities include the encoding, decoding, encrypting, and multiplexing of as many as 12 simultaneous streams. The technology enables insertion of different languages into the streams prior to re-transmission and distribution, as well as down conversion of HD to SD, and vice versa. These systems make SatLink a major gateway to and from Asia for sports, news, nature programming and special occasional events, in addition to permanent HD transmissions. During the past year, the company was the first with exclusive transmission station feeding of the UEFA’s 2009 – 2010 football matches to Asia. From the first matches to the exciting final, Asian fans were provided with an incredible HD football experience

Broadcasters Going To Asia
avl ad sm 0610 For SD and HD broadcasters and networks entering the Asia Pacific region, or those looking to add new European, African, or North American markets, the case for SatLink is compelling. Currently provided is a strong neighborhood on various platforms to supply broadcasters with comprehensive transmission solutions. This includes downlinking the signal to a teleport with access to more than 80 Earth stations. Or, the signal can be received via the global fiber network. Using the dedicated and advanced playout centers, signals can be uplinked to full transponders for distribution to cable head-ends, re-broadcasters as well as delivery to individual home viewers in the region — on any desired satellite capacity.

Fertile Asian MCPC neighborhood include the prestigious International Club de Bruges bouquet which is comprised of leading European international TV channels such as TVE Internacional, RTPi, RTR Planeta and others. This bouquet is joined by LUX HD and euronews and by a spiritual bouquet that includes channels such as Daystar Network, God’s Learning Channel (GLC) and The Supreme Master Network.

SatLink is extremely bullish and strongly believes in the growth of the Asian broadcasting market. The industry recession of 2008/09 is slipping past and confidence holds the high ground as Asia moves upwards and onwards into the future. SatLink will be there to supply leading solutions and technologies to serve market needs, all to move into the future with clients.