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UPLINK: Info Tools
by Hartley Lesser, Editorial Director


Welcome to this issue of SatMagazine — and to the National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs as well as the National Association of Broadcasters Military + Government Summit held concurrently with the NAB 2009 conference in Las Vegas, for which we are an official Media Sponsor. All of these elements strive to accomplish one major need for all — the delivery of timely and usable information to help you accomplish your goals within the MILSATCOM and SATCOM industries.

In fact, to further bring SatMagazine into play for you, the Development Director for SatNews Publishers has coded in a new iGoogle Gadget that enables you to receive — automatically — the daily SatNews on your Google homepage! To activate the iGoogle SatNews Gadget is simplicity itself. When you visit SatNews.com, you’ll notice an animated Google icon move from left to right directly under the Satnews banner. Select that icon and you’ll be taken immediately to iGoogle page, where then you click on the “Add To Google” button. When you accomplish this task, you should note your web browser taking you to your Google homepage with the message “Satnews Daily has been added” brilliantly appearing thereupon... now, as you are aware, you can simply move the SatNews windoid to whatever location you wish on your Google homepage.

There you have it, your daily and most complete MILSATCOM and SATCOM news available right at your fingertips without having to do anything more than logon to your Google homepage. Totally ‘mazing and convenient.

But wait, there’s even more! Now available is the incomparable, magnificently compiled and highly useful 2009 International Satellite Directory. If you are constantly searching for satellite data, or planning to open new markets, or doing all in your power to find and acquire new customers, or engaging in that always crucial analysis of your competition, or just searching for that one final detail for your important presentation — fret not! Consider the acquisition of SatNews Publisher’s 24th edition of the International Satellite Directory which will certainly meet all expectations!

This issue features EXECUTIVE SPOTLIGHT interviews with leaders in the SATCOM world as well as technical articles to assist you with your satellite communication needs. Should you ever have the desire to communicate with our readers, just email me and we’ll see if we can draft you into the SatMagazine Info Service.

Thanks — Hartley Lesser, Editorial Director