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The Perfect Combination...Satmotion and smart antennas
By Alvaro Sanchez, General Manager, Integrasys


Seems as though, these days, satellite is considered a difficult to use communications solution; many users consider satellite as a last resource — however, satellite has its own set of advantages when compared to any other communications solution and, at Integrasys, the company offers a key piece of advanced technology to “simplify satellite”.

Antennas need to be certified before they can become operational — from time to time, antennas are required to be calibrated. Integrasys offers a set of tools for auto-commissioning and maintenance for Satellite-on-the-Move (SOTM) and Satellite-on-the-Pause (SOTP) antennas through user interaction via a cool app.

Multiple service providers have demanded even more automation and Integrasys built a custom API for integration within the antenna control unit itself.

VSAT installation is a complex task. Often, the technician handling the install does not have the qualified training and knowledge to complete this work. Pointing to the correct azimuth, elevation and polarization is crucial — these specifications are often not met during VSAT installation. That inaccuracy drives severe interference and generates multiple attenuations and service failures due to the attendant atmospheric events and human factors that occur that are the result of an incorrect installation.

The smarter the antenna gets, the easier the pointing... however, no matter how intelligent antennas become, they still cannot certify themselves or complete the correct measurement procedures. As satellite operators demand full compliance with their specifications, the human element is required to ensure the reliability and viability of a VSAT installation.

Smart antennas function like computers, automatically pointing the antenna to the target satellite. In many cases, this is accomplished with decent accuracy and reception is locked in for the VSAT.

If the signal decreases in power, the motor or software looks for alternatives and searches for a satellite visible for a connection. The antenna has an autonomous computer system to obtain the most effective communication pathway.








However, terminals can be quite remote and tend to have their RF settings misconfigured and that results in the unit not being able to connect the network to the target satellite.

Introducing Satmotion from Integrasys, a grand solution to these problems. Satmotion is a helpful device that optimizes the power of the transmitter and negates interferences or RF misconfiguration.

Satmotion has high end equipment at the hub which replaces Network Operations Center (NOC) personnel as well as incorporates a new API (Application Programming Interface) that replaces the physical installer.

Integrasys’ Satmotion is an unmanned solution for calibrating a particular antenna with any BUC, in any frequency and certifies satellite providers with the correct Crosspol and 1dB Compression Point test. This functionality saves a great deal of time and drives cost savings — obviously good news for any company.

As mentioned, Integrasys developed the API that enables auto-acquire antennas to auto-certificate themselves. The company provides a simple, embedded PC that runs simple code with which any antenna is able to understand and interact.

The Satmotion API provides pointing accuracy, CrossPol Isolation, Adjacent Satellite Interference Power, 1dB Compression Point and PASS /FAIL results.

This product affords one-touch commissioning (OTC) and enables anyone to complete this process with the press of a single button. The terminal is registered into the target network just as an Apple iPhone is registered in a terrestrial network, all completed seamlessly.

The information is displayed form either a small, USB-sized computer — Integrasys also provides a cost effective option to install the computer on the antenna ACU (Antenna Control Unit). Both options are offered to customers who demand varying requirements for different applications, such as maritime, aircraft, trains or connected cars.

Satmotion is the perfect solution for automating access to the satellite in a manner that is similar to an iPhone being authenticated in a cellular network. Any interference or misalignment issues are negated. Satmotion adds extra value, thanks to reducing the time previously required for VSAT install. The app also provides more and more finely tuned information.

The product’s quality, price and unique position are making this offering the standard de-facto on the market as the VSAT auto-commissioning solution... making “satellite simple.”

The author, Alvaro Sanchez, is the General Manager of Integrasys.