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A Case In Point: Datadragon™ Galvanizes Squire Tech’s Mission Critical Solutions
Datadragon is an intuitive bandwidth management platform


Squire Tech’s wide portfolio of solutions have been deployed across a range of different scenarios from police departments to the energy sector, sheriff’s offices and construction companies. The company’s technology has also been widely used during major disruptive events and emergency situations.

The popular pCom platform has evolved over time as the company has implemented ideas derived from feedback from their customers’ and is now available in a range of models (the pCom Mini, pCom XL and pCom LT). All models are easy to deploy and can be quickly transported to offer vital communications at the heart of where they are needed. The company also offers satellite-based business continuity and mobile SATCOM solutions.

Squire Tech’s pCOM

The Challenge

Squire Tech must be able to offer its customers highly reliable services that are fast to deploy and that are highly portable but, most importantly, that are completely failsafe and able to operate wherever and whenever they are required.

In the event of an emergency or disaster, communications are critical. Often, it is telecommunications networks that are hit most negatively by these situations as their connectivity relies on the stability of terrestrial communications such as wires and cell towers. These may become damaged or simply overloaded as there is a surge in call volume.

At these times, those involved in the recovery effort — public safety and emergency management teams — must be prepared to use other forms of communications.

VSAT technology enables rapid deployment of all-IP connectivity, anywhere. As no prior infrastructure is required, SATCOMs can simply be driven into a disaster zone and be operating within minutes. Cells on Wheels (COWS) offer the complete package that emergency management and first responder teams require. This technology allows fast connectivity to vital information anywhere and anytime, making it ideal for disaster recovery, emergency response, or for crowded events.

Once their solutions have been deployed, the challenge for Squire Tech is to manage their customers’ throughput effectively and to enable them to communicate and use all the applications necessary to fulfil their mission. In these situations, bandwidth can be scarce, so it is essential that it is used wisely and efficiently.

Squire Tech required a solution that could allow them to monitor throughput usage and allocate it across their entire network.

The Solution: Datadragon™

Squire Tech made the decision to deploy Isotropic Network’s Datadragon bandwidth management platform across their entire product range.

Datadragon is an intuitive bandwidth management platform that enables unprecedented levels of application-level transparency, optimization, and personalization across single, multi-use, or hybrid networks.

Datadragon allows providers to move beyond current data models and work with their customers to create smart plans based on actual usage. Its artificial intelligence (AI) and built-in analytics learn usage patterns, then optimize throughout and deliver access to data based on available bandwidth streams from all terrestrial and satellite-based platforms. Datadragon provides users with the amount and quality of connectivity they need for their applications.

The platform operates on three core principles:

• Increase Visibility by providing users with a real-time picture of throughput utilization, down to the application level, across any single, multiuse, and hybrid networks.
• Optimize Access by giving users control. Let them see, allocate, and purchase bandwidth based on their unique needs.
• Reduce Friction through Datadragon’s analytics and AI. Provide internet access that simply “works” by automatically allocating throughput based on user history and demand.

The Result

Squire Tech’s customers are no longer met with the frustrations of dropped connections and slow lag times at a time when rapid connectivity becomes a lifesaver and communications are mission critical.

The company can now analyze and efficiently distribute bandwidth, creating opportunities from surplus availability. This has enabled Squire Tech to become a more profitable business, to operate a more efficient network and enables their customers to get much more out of the network that they have purchased.

The company has deployed during some of the most recent disasters, including the devastating hurricanes in Florida that have been further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic, another event where Squire Tech’s equipment has been proven essential. Use of Datadragon has transformed operations.

Since deploying Datadragon, we now have the ability to visualize the data across the network, prioritize time critical applications such as VoIP, and ensure no data flow is left behind,” said Michael Zalle, Vice President at Squire Tech Solutions. “With the Datadragon portal, we can easily see if the client is online, where the client geographically is, and whether the data is properly being allocated. This is vital to us, as our clients often have limited resources available to them during critical times. The difference that Datadragon has made to our client’s overall user experience has been immeasurable.”

Based in Plano, Texas, Squire Tech Solutions is a mobile command and critical enterprise communications service provider specializing in user-friendly VSAT and wireless enabled voice, video, and data for mission critical needs.