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SatBroadcasting™ — The Broadcast Link
by David Hochner, SatLink Communications

As broadcasters expand their reaches into new markets, explore new areas for brand extension, and seek new places for revenue generation, they require a partner to help them move forward. The future is bright for broadcasters who base their international expansion activities upon a well placed, well equipped, and well connected global transmission player.

Linking television signals worldwide through a world-wide network of satellite platforms and located at confluence of the world’s regional communications networks is SatLink Communications. We connect signals to and from North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, and add significant value to customers and partners. From production to play out centers to satellite and optic fiber transmission, SatLink offers A-Z services for global broadcasters.

We provide access to a worldwide network that covers five continents and supplies clients with flexible transmission solutions over multiple satellite platforms, fiber, and IP. For nearly 20 years, our efficiently operated teleport has enhanced clients’ communications. With an antenna forest of more than 80 antennas and a well rounded fleet of MCPCs (Multiple Channels Per Carrier) on the most popular and strategically located satellites, SatLink has developed its geographically strategic located facilities outside Jerusalem to offer a broad array of services and platforms. We provide tailor made transmission solutions for global content distribution. Among our clients are players at the top of their industries, including Thomson Reuters to CNN to APTN as well as BBC and Viacom’s Nickelodeon to Eurovision and Daystar Network. We provide services from productions in the field, to play out centers, to a full range of transmission solutions.

Transmission Solutions
SatLink offers capacity on any desired satellite as well as uplink, downlink, and turn around services plus SNG and Fly Away. By linking our ground stations to satellites around the globe, and presenting our global fiber network, we supply full service solutions for HD and SD broadcasters, networks, operators, and telecoms seeking to connect distant audiences. SatLink uplinks signals independently or via worldwide partners to full transponders for contribution to cable head-ends, re-broadcasters, and distribution for direct to home viewers around the world.

Global Coverage
Over Europe and the Middle East, we operate MCPC platforms on HOTBIRD 8, providing DTH (Direct to Home) broadcasting services, reaching more than 110 million households. Over North America we have a presence on the Galaxy 19 satellite, America’s most popular DTH for international broadcasters. In Africa, we operate on Sirius 4A (Astra 4), which is also a DTH satellite covering the entire Sub Sahara region with a 90cm downlink dish. In Asia we operate platforms on AsiaSat 5’s C-band, which is the most popular satellite for reaching the Asia Pacific region. Other MCPC platforms are available to other global regions.

Channel Management
SatLink’s channel management’s services are based on the principle that a broadcaster’s IT team knows best — the company offers three types of playout services to handle any and all requests. First, we have on-site play out facilities offering a cost-effective, all-in-one scheme based on pre-produced content, while clients send their pre-recorded content in advance to Satlink’s playout center Next, we can also remotely manage play out based on the broadcasters own team at home over Playbox systems. The third option uses the Harris D Series world leading playout system. Our facilities also offer insertions, channel time-delay and we meet all encryption demands with full support for Irdeto and Viaccess encryption solutions.

Production Services
Our teams provide a full range of production services from the ground to the air, including mobile units to equipment rental to production crews to ground transportation and even insurance. This past year, we provided a full HD experience for the BBC Christmas and Easter specials filmed in Israel. With a full complement of 30 professionals possessing full HD skill sets, SatLink used a full-array of multi-camera HD equipment, including cameras and lenses, top-of-the-line lighting and multi-track audio systems to film and manage those two holiday specials.

We have expanded our HD technologies and are the first regional teleport capable of handling as many as 12 simultaneous streams, including encoding, decoding and multiplexing. Possessing complete end-to-end HD teleport facilities, we have added a new layer of technologically advanced services making SatLink a gateway for sports, news, and special events. We can insert various languages into the streams prior to re-transmission and distribution, as well as down conversion of HD to SD and vice versa. We are proud to be partners with Globecast and be the exclusive Asian transmission station for UEFA soccer matches.

Services + Value = Quality
SES World Skies, AsiaSat and Hellas Sat have designated SatLink as their official Middle East Port of choice for carrying content between Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Because of this, business has grown, despite these hardest of times. During the past two years, the World Teleport Association (WTA) ranked Satlink as one of the world’s Top 20 Independent Teleports.

satlink hochner sm mar10 Our 24/7 capabilities have created a dream team as far as efficiency is concerned. This allows us to handle breaking news as efficiently as any permanent services. I am truly feel proud of my workers, partners, investors and clients.