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SatBroadcasting™... DualFlow™ — Say When! ASI Is Here, IP Is Coming, It’s Your Move

newtec into sm 0610 An IP wave surges through the Contribution, Distribution and DSNG landscape. Traditional tape-based workflows migrate towards new, cost effective IP-based workflows. How does the satellite segment fit in the migration process as an inherent part of the broadcasting network?

The Solution
DualFlow is an innovative technology from Newtec that allows broadcasters to easily migrate to satellite IP-based operations through interfacing with ASI and IP networks.

  • DualFlow supports both IP and ASI interfaces which allows the transition to IP connectivity any time
  • DualFlow allows broadcasters to transport simultaneous live broadcasting and data over the satellite link in the same carrier
  • DualFlow enables two-way connectivity over satellite introducing new interactive services to boost productivity
Setting The Scene
Broadcasters are squeezed between increasing costs and reducing revenues. New TV stations are popping up all around the globe raising the competition for advertising and funding budgets. In order to reach a bigger audience and get better advertising revenue, broadcasters need to differentiate. Offering extra services over multiple platforms (internet, VOD, IPTV, DTT) is an alternative approach, but brings along an important cost factor.

The introduction of IP has a strong impact on the workflows, the services and the operating costs of broadcasters. By streamlining their workflows broadcasters respond to the new market requirements and reduce their operational cost in the same exercise.

newtec g1 sm 0610 Collaborative architectures are the key to efficiency and increased margins as they allow rapid transfer and sharing of content among the users. The universal technology adopted for the architecture is IP through means of tapeless storage, file based content management, online editing and network connectivity.

The migration to IP brings along new question marks for broadcasters who need to fit the satellite segment of their network in their new IP workflows. These questions start from an infrastructure cost perspective, as broadcasters are looking for equipment that easily interfaces with new fiber networks while remaining compatible with existing traditional tape-based infrastructures and being able to serve future needs as the technology evolves.

miteq ad sm 0610 A second challenge lies in the optimization of the satellite bandwidth usage. How can broadcasters reduce the expensive bandwidth costs or get as much out of the satellite link as they possibly can?

Third, broadcasters are looking for differentiators such as the degree of live content that can be brought to the live audience. A competitive step ahead will be taken when journalists bring news scoops as they happen and when remote teams react quickly to situations at hand. To build this flexibility, interactive satellite services are among the top requirements as they boost the productivity of remote crews.

With the unique DualFlow solution, Newtec provides the Contribution, Distribution and DSNG markets with the answer to all of these challenges. DualFlow facilitates an easy migration to satellite IP-based operations by interfacing with ASI and IP networks. DualFlow is available on Newtec’s Azimuth satellite broadcasting modulation equipment. It consists of a physical interface with ASI and GbE connectors and a number of software functions as well as with equipment or networks that carry transport streams over ASI or over IP with the RTP or UDP protocol. DualFlow is also capable of transmitting IP services (file transfer, VoIP, TCP…) via satellite, alternatively or simultaneously with the real time transport stream broadcast, thanks to advanced technological features such as MPE and XPE encapsulation, Quality of Service, and DVB-S2 Multistream.

IP Migration in Stages
newtec d1 sm 0610 The evolution from traditional broadcast contribution to complete IP interactivity over satellite can be accomplished in three steps, which can be taken progressively or all at once, depending on the legacy and the objectives of the migration. These three steps are called Connect, Transport, and Interact .

lds ad sm 0610 Connect is the first stage in the migration towards IP and relates to IP connectivity among pieces of equipment such as video encoders, multiplexers and modulators. New broadcast equipment uses IP interfaces and Ethernet cables instead of traditional ASI interfaces and coax cables to exchange real time video signals. Fully IP based head-ends and studios offer real advantages such as lower initial investments, higher flexibility, higher reliability and lower maintenance costs. In reality, broadcasters need a transition period where both ASI and IP infrastructures co-exist to tackle time consuming digital archiving activities and as a means to spread investments over time.

DualFlow is a cost-efficient solution that welcomes IP data into broadcasting operations, while at the same time, continues to work with traditional ASI equipment. The next steps in the migration to IP simply build on DualFlow. When broadcasters decide the time is right, they can take the next step towards IP without investing in additional equipment.

newtec d2 sm 0610

  • Benefits

    • Cost-efficiency: One satellite modulation unit interfaces with both ASI and IP networks
    • Future Proof: only one investment is required during migration in time
The second stage in the migration path towards IP corresponds to the transport of IP content or services over satellite. More precisely, how data and live broadcasting can be transmitted over satellite simultaneously and in an efficient way. Next to the availability of ASI and GbE interfaces, DualFlow modulation equipment embeds multiple advanced technologies that optimize efficiency.

newtec ad sm 0610 From encapsulation techniques (MPE, GSE, XPE) to enhanced DVB-S2 schemes, DualFlow focuses on how to reduce expensive bandwidth costs or get as much out of the satellite link as possible.

Dualflow offers even more possibilities with the support of Multistream. Multistream is a feature of the DVB-S2 standard that enables the simultaneous transmission of different signal types (ASI or IP) without external multiplexing. DualFlow supports Multistream for a mix of different ASI and IP signals through multiple ASI and IP inputs on the modulation equipment. A Dualflow unit is adapted for transmitting live broadcast or IP data or a combination of both with an ability to switch between these modes of operation in a flexible way. In addition, Quality of Services schemes ensure traffic prioritization of mission critical live broadcasts.
  • Benefits
    • Flexibility: transport of Live Broadcast or IP data or a combination of both over satellite
    • Efficiency: optimization of data transport and obtain as much out of the expensive satellite bandwidth as is possible
In the final stage of the migration towards IP, DualFlow empowers two-way interactive IP services over satellite. IP interactivity makes it possible to introduce new services into the broadcast workflows, such as real time interviews, VoIP, file sharing, translation and comments to the interviews, etc. By turning DSNG vans and outdoor broadcasting vans into remote offices DualFlow increases the productivity of the remote teams and gives broadcasters a competitive edge to offer instant live coverage on major events. Interactive services can be performed completely over satellite without the need for terrestrial communication links. The inherent delay of satellite communication can easily be tackled with appropriate traffic acceleration technologies available in the DualFlow solution to keep
  • Benefits
    • Productivity: new interactive IP services over satellite
    • Increased business: Through interactive IP services new options can be offered to broadcasting partners. New options means new business
As IP is progressively intruding the Contribution, Distribution, and DSNG market, satellite content exchange systems need to evolve, as well. Regardless of where broadcasters are situated in the IP migration, Newtec modulation equipment with the DualFlow features assure a flexible, cost-efficient and future proof alternative for satellite broadcasting transmissions.

In short, your migration towards IP is only a matter of time. The good news is — with DualFlow, the timing is completely yours. You Say When: www.saywhen.tv