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April 2023 Edition
MENA, Africa, Comms (RF, Microwave, Laser, Optical), sat5G/IoT/M2M, Wi-Fi, SSA/SDA
InfoBeam , SpaceX • AAC Clyde Space • D-Orbit • AcubeSAT • ClearSpace and LeoLabs • cosine
News and Information observed and distilled by the editors.
Water Wars — Satellite data heads off a war for water, An SSPI Presentation
It was with grave concern that Egypt watched Ethiopia begin building a massive dam in 2011 to generate electricity.
Focus: Alba Orbital, Six, space proven, PocketCube mission ideas
With their compact size and low cost, PocketQubes are well suited for a variety of missions.
Constellations, The most popular podcast episodes of 2022
Here is a list of the most-downloaded Constellations podcasts of 2022.
The Forrester Report: SES + Intelsat: Will they or won’t they?, Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist
SES confirmed that discussions had and were taking place in regard to a “possible combination.”
Executive Spotlight: Jaime Martín Lozano, Co-Founder, JELLYSPACE
JELLYSPACE, an easy-to-use, global collaboration platform making space technology accessible to all.
Helping To Positively Shape The Future Space Ecosystem, Emily Okuhara, Manager, Marketing & Communications, Pale Blue
Water ion thrusters now offers 10x higher fuel performance.
Building A Spaceport, Dr. John Paffett, Founder + Managing Director, KISPE
At KISPE, working with Cornwall  Council,  Cornwall Airport Limited and others, the team has led the conversion of parts of a former RAF airfield into the UK’s first Spaceport.
Massive IoT Enables Massive Opportunities For Utilities, Alastair MacLeod, Chief Executive Officer, Ground Control
Massive IoT (massive Machine-Type  Communications (mMTC)) is impacting multiple industries
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