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February 2024 Edition
SmallSats and Related Market Segments, Propulsion, EO, Imagery, Optics, SmallSat Opinion Features
InfoBeam I, AICRAFT + ResearchSat • Aurora • John Deere + SpaceX • ESA • Exolaunch • Kinéis
News and Information observed and distilled by the editors.
InfoBeam II, Marlink • NOAA • Resolve Optics • Rocket Lab • RocketStar • Sierra Space • Orbit Fab + ClearSpace
News and Information observed and distilled by the editors.
OpEd: Direct-to-handset shortfalls to be overcome, Peter Kibutu, Advanced Technology Lead, NTN, TTP
Current satellite infrastructure is simply not cost- effective when supporting the high-bandwidth connectivity needed for the data services
A Conversation With Chris Winslett, General Manager, Blue Canyon Technologies
For more than a decade, Blue Canyon Technologies’ high-precision, technically-advanced solutions have disrupted the space industry.
Advancing Acoustic Testing for Smallsats, Jeremiah Leiter, Chief Executive Officer, Acoustic Research Systems (ARS)
More than 90% of smallsats are currently not acoustically tested.
Calian, Advanced Technologies Future Look, Various authors at Calian, Advanced Technologies contributed to this article
the pace of change within the satellite industry continues to accelerate into 2024
Multi-Point Spacecraft Dispensing Mechanisms, Mike Ronzello, Director of Strategy and Business Development, EBAD
SpaceX Transporter-9 Rideshare mission successfully carried 90 payloads, including smallsats, and several orbital transfer vehicles.
The Forrester Report United States versus European Union How can Europe compete in launch activity?, Author and senior columnist Chris Forrester discusses a much-delayed EU rocket and balances this against Musk’s plan for people on Mars.
The European Space Agency (ESA) is truly struggling. 
Beyond Borders, Alastair MacLeod, Chief Executive Officer, Ground Control
​Satellite IoT holds tremendous potential in monitoring, managing, and mitigating environmental issues.
Executive Spotlight: Tim Kienberger, Chief Executive Officer, LeoStella
One of the best things about my job is contributing to technology advancements.
Executive Spotlight: John Wade, Vice President of In-Flight Connectivity, Panasonic Avionics
Panasonic Avionics is building a comprehensive, multi-orbit connectivity network.
Sateliot Future Look, Jaume Sanpera, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
The year 2024 represents a significant headway for global Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).
The Top Five Cybersecurity Threats, Robert Bell, Miguel Angel Molina Cobos, David (Tat Wee) Tan and Shing Ping Loi
The biggest contributor to cybersecurity is a strong security culture within the company.
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