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The Forrester Report: SES: Owning a LEO system could be next. A change in dividend policy will keep shareholders waiting, again., Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist
Investing in an SES-owned LEO system would be expensive. 
The Blake Brief: A Hitchhiker’s Guide To Patent Law In Outer Space, Curt Blake, John Wehrli, Peter Bratton, Magnus Gan, James Dunlop, Matthew Fleming Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
The exclusionary nature of patents might be at odds with the Outer Space Treaty.
UK Spaceflight — Streamlined environmental licensing + sustainable data for spaceport success, Ruth Fain, Head of Advisory, ITPEnergised
SaxaVord Spaceport in Shetland became the UK’s first, licensed, vertical launch spaceport.
Preserving The Wild — SATCOM and wildlife conservation, Gavan Murphy, Director of Marketing EMEA and APAC, Globalstar
Today’s wildlife monitoring systems are more advanced than ever before possible.
Ka-Band Dominating SATCOM TT&C — The transition is underway, Joakim Espeland, Chief Executive Officer, QuadSAT
Last year witnessed the addition of 2,664 objects in space.
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