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July 2022 Edition
LATAM Markets, Components, Advanced Materials, Cables and Assemblies, EO, Geospatial, Imaging
Satellite Data Saves Lives On Earth, Özge Polson, Director of Commercial Business Development at SCOUT Inc. and Sergio Gallucci, Co-founder and CTO at SCOUT Inc.
Safe and responsible conduct in space is a concept being pursued by several entities across the globe.
Safeguarding Our Planet, SWOT launch set for September
Thanks to many altimetry satellites on-orbit, it becomes possible to have precise, continuous, climatological records of the average sea level. 
Powering Through The Pandemic, Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI)
A Better Satellite World View
Executive Spotlight: Patrick Thera, President, Advanced Technologies, Calian
Mr. Patrick Thera joined Advanced Technologies in 1985
Focus: Exotrail, David Henri is Exotrail Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer and Jean-Luc Maria is also an Exotrail Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Exotrail is dedicated to making satellites sustainable, both economically and environmentally.
Focus: Blue Canyon, Matt Carton, Executive Director of Component Development
Blue Canyon is at the forefront of innovation, advancing smallsat attitude control with the release of the company’s Control Moment Gyroscope
Why Do We Need GPS Jamming Protection?, Richard Jacklin, Director, ViaLite Communications
Sadly, there are individuals around the world (including bad actors and cyber threat actors) that want to disrupt the users of GNSS systems for a wide range of malicious purposes.
How Will Additive Manufacturing Change Space Tech’s Future?, A conversation with Keyvan Hosseinkhani, Technical Director, Burloak Technologies was conducted to discuss the power of AM
Additive manufacturing (AM) is poised to alter the playing field in the space industry.
Fire + Space ...Driving Innovative Communications Tech, Botica Butler Raudon Partners
Deep below the Pacific Ocean, the crusts of the Earth’s tectonic plates meet in a ring: The Pacific Ring of Fire. 
Focus: Unseenlabs, The company developed a new technology using radio frequency (RF) signals detection to geolocate vessels at sea that do not wish to be found.
RF signals detection from space engage in maritime surveillance
Executive Spotlight: Jim Cantrell, Chief Executive Officer + Co-Founder, Phantom Space
Jim sets his sights on the next big thing: small payloads carried in the most scalable, cost-efficient rockets ever built.
InfoBeam I, SpaceX • Rocket Lab • NanoAvionics • Inmarsat + Fameline Holding • Sierra Space + Spaceport America
News and Industry Observations, Curated by the Editors
InforBeam II, Airbus • Tyvak • South Korea • Viasat +Inmarsat • SA Companies • Arianespace
​News and Industry Observations, Curated by the Editors
InfoBeam III, ICEYE • OneWeb + Stellar Blu • Aireon • Isar Aerospace + D-Orbit • Globalstar • SpaceRyde
​​News and Industry Observations, Curated by the Editors
InfoBeam IV, Santos • Sidus Space • Rocket Lab • ESA • Turion Space • MDA
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InfoBeam V, Beyond Gravity • Airbus • SSC+Boliden • iNCORE • Beam Communications • Relativity Space
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InfoBeam VI, ​D-Orbit • ​ST Engineering iDirect’ • DcubeD • SatRev • Synspective + Addvalue • Intelsat+ Kratos
News and Industry Observations, Curated by the Editors
InfoBeam VII, Hughes • Satcube KU • GomSpace • CAAS, OSTIN, SITA and Startical • Thuraya
News and Industry Observations, Curated by the Editors
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